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To the Authors of T-Nation

Dear authors,

I first want to thank all of you for years of great articles and powerfull gains.
T-Nation is in my eyes the really best site in the web-and i have seen many of them.
Thank you for sharing your knwoledge with us!

I have seen great stuff about GVT Waterburys new idea of HFT was born and many more great concepts!

But what I am personally missing-or will be a wish of mine-a really serious article about periodization.
I searched the libary and found some of Dave Tate and Ian King.

All articles on T-Nation are great really. But in my eyes the long term component is missing.
There exists great concepts (like hss100) and short term plans and macrocycles-but nothing long term orientated.
Thats also why often the same questions come from readers:" Can i repeat the programm" “What should I do after the programm” How long can i do this programm" When can i do this programm again? And so on.
There exists a lot of concepts and programms in the world-but the most important thing is how to incorporate them for long term suxcess.
And thats the main problem I think -to have “planned” gains for years and not to gasp from one programm to the other and hope to have gains again.

I also think-writng such an article for you,the T-Nation authors, will be also a challenge.
Especially to write a concept how to manipulate INDIVIDUAL all the variables (rep speed,weight,tempo,rest,density,duration…)and perhaps even the periodization modell to achieve gains for years.

I also think that lots of trainees don?t reach there limit cause they don?t know HOW to do it RIGHT!

I think such an article with all coaches involved will be the article of the millenium!
Thanks for your attention gentlemen!


I think that there are enough articles about periodization. There are not many, but there are not few. Finding the individual differences that work best for you can only be determined by you. This is why Dave Tate is so reluctant to write programs. Because everyone has different weakpoints that need attention. But there has been enough written about conjugate periodization through T-Nation and Elitefts.com to begin to grasp it.

But taking the plunge, working very hard, setting goals, and reaching them is the only thing that will teach you what works for you. That’s what I like about Dave’s stuff, it gives you the basic outline but leaves it still open ended. This stuff cannot be figured out through hypothesizing as well as it can through getting under the bar and experimenting. Good luck.


Hi matt -you are right.
But sure you know it is difficult and the training a journey in itself.
i also like experimenting and evaluating the results after.
But it is a job for life and a tough one.

So you are right,everybody has to make his own experience and learn from it.

But in my eyes it is possible to help someone avoiding mistakes and lead him on the rigth way and on this way he has to prove its own.

And by this way i mean periodization examples,tricky ways to overcome monoton training and simple good outlined ways to cycle someones training in different ways included help for troubleshooting.
Sure there are some articles and I read them also on other sites-but there are a lot of empty words: Period.model1 is good because…but it is bad cause of… period.model 2 is as good as the first but…" This is difficult information to plan someones training properly.

I mean something like to create a auto regulating periodization programm which takes care of the individual adaption ways.

kNow what 'I mean-are you not sometimes pissed off, after a plateau phase which you are not able to overcome-no matter which cycling approach you use? I had 2 years such a plateu-now it is over through trial and error learing-but it was a nightmare! and I think with such a period.model it will help lots of trainiees t avoid such mistakes!