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To the Athletes...

In my next phase I’d like to gain strength and a modicum of muscle. Anyone have supplement recommendations? I’ll be using creatine but I’m also swinging between Tribex or Androsol.

My advice is to get off the creatine. In my opinion, creatine is a “show-off chemical”. There have been studies showing that strength gains after being on creatine are about the same as never being on creatine in the first place (clearly, you’re stronger while ON creatine). ie. If you train for 3 months (first month on creatine) you’ll be just as strong as if you hadn’t thrown that creatine in in the first place. As for supplements … way back when, T-mag used to recommend only taking one supplement at a time, for at least four months (so you know if it works or not). My gains with Tribex have been so good, that I’m worried that they’re ‘spiking’ the capsules with something … and I only take one pill a day. So, I can’t tell what supplement would be best for you. But save your money on the creatine!!! {unless you want the strength gains now)

I agree with El_Machinae to the point that if using creatine, I believe it should be cycled like other supps and the best time to use creatine may be when cycling off other supps to help keep gains. I would maybe recommend using a cycle of androsol (androsol rocks) and when cycling off androsol then use creatine stacked with Tribex and/or M.