To Take T or Not to Take T?

I’m sure this has been asked a million times but anyways. I’m 26 years old 6’3 250lbs. I recently got back in the gym and I’m really wanting to get some definition and cut a little bit. I purchased pharmaceutical grade T from a relative and he instructed me on how to use it and where to inject. However I feel like I haven’t really pushed myself without using T. This would be my first cycle and I’m kinda nervous after all the reading I’ve done. From what I know my T levels and are normal and so is my libido. So if I’m wanting to gain some muscle and definition should I do a one month cycle? Also how important is Estrogen blocker, and will this totally throw my body’s T production off? Also what gauge of needle is recommended and how many times should I be working out weekly. I know these are all very basic questions.

Thank you.

You are not ready for a cycle. You need to do more research. How much will you use and for how long?
What about pct? Are you going to run it without an AI? These are just a few basic questions that you need to know but there are others.

As far as a PCT, and AI I definitely intended on using them, however I’m not sure which brands to go with. And I’ll have to see how much mg of test I have but I was told it’s a one month cycle, which could be completely wrong.

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It would be irresponsible to use it now with no knowledge. Fatter guys (assuming 6’3" 250# and just started training again) aromatics more than leaner ones. Search Dan Ducchaine steroid handbook for sample cycles and a primer on what everything does.

man, you’ve put zero effort into educating yourself. Forum searches would have been helpful, rather than just asking us to spoonfeed you. If you’re too lazy to read on your own and learn, then come up with some better questions, this is not for you.

You don’t realize what a shitty life steroid use can be. it’s not something to dip your toes into just to cut a bit and build a little muscle.

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Out of curiosity, why do you say this?

dependence. side effects. unreasonable expectations of self. realizing you’re stronger than you ever thought you could be, and knowing it’s not enough, and never will be. That kind of thing :slight_smile:

so when I started, i went the pct route for several cycles. I ended up switching to blasting and cruising eventually because I didn’t really recover well in my last pct. and now i’m committed to a weekly pin every week for the rest of my life. Fortunately for me, I had accepted this as a likely course when I began my journey. But there are some weeks when I look at the needle and can’t stand that I have to use it.

I should add, though, that I wouldn’t take it back for myself. This is the route I needed to go for me. I’m still competing, and I want to compete at a higher and higher level for as long as I can. That’s how I justify it. I cannot imagine being able to justify it without that aspect of my life. It just isn’t worth it to try and drop a few lbs, or look a little more cut. You need to be committed to taking yourself well beyond what is naturally possible, if you’re going to go the steroid route, in my opinion. Otherwise you’re just taking unnecessary risks.


Rich Piana actually spoke well on the subject. He continually said ‘don’t do what I did. I love my life. But you don’t want what I have, trust me’. I can relate to that. It can be a mental beating.


You should never think to take test just to make “short gains” because thats not how it works, you will lose most of your gains after a couple of months off and look the same as you started if not worse because of all the water retention.

Taking test is a lifestyle, some guys do it because of trt others because they compete, if you decide to hop on and want to get HUGE you should be expected to be running on a cycle for at least 1 year + for any real gains.

You need a very strong mental and “stable” mind set for this type of lifestyle. Its easy to get carried away with it and use it for the wrong things and for good reason… being on test is one of the best feelings a man can have.

Another thing to know is, you have to be prepared for any changes and be well informed on subject matter and good at treating your sides, such as gyno.

A good example of this was my first tren-a cycle, i thought i was ready for ED pinning, you have no idea what you are getting yourself into when your ass starts squirting blood from scar tissue half cycle in, welcome to the club.


Thanks everyone for the responses, and I have educated myself on the subject, I just wasn’t familiar with all the abbreviations. I made this post for this exact reason to see exactly what I would be getting myself into. And with that being said, its not for short term gains. I’ve been wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle for years now. But I appreciate all the responses and information. My main question was do I use the T I have with a proper PCT, and AI and just do my one cycle and stop, or would I be getting myself into a life long commitment. Again thanks for the responses.

Side note: At 6’3 250 I’m not fat at all, you could say a little chubby, I carry my weight and I am already pretty muscular due to my labor intensive job. My uncle who is a long time bodybuilder and T user, has told me multiple times I have the frame to be massive if I wished. However this may not be for me.

based on your last response here, it’s pretty clear that you’re more interested in defending yourself than educating yourself, or even acknowledging how poorly you understand all of this.

I’m out. Best of luck.

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You dont need roids to get leaner… Certainly T wouldnt be the ticket… Thats better for bulking
At 26 you should be able to still eat big macs and get lean as long as you hit gym
But since your here and you want a quick fix try this…
Combo Hiit and full body lifting with low carb diet. If you really want to throw a chemical at it look into clenbuterol or try a ECA stack… But based on your goals Test wont do the trick

Did he really die from Juicing or was it just genetics? In Generation Iron 2 he said he was taking 8-16iu of HGH daily along with other stuff. If anything really scares me about this lifestyle its Orals & peptides. Bangin Test meh

Rich Piana did a lot of things. I have no idea what actually caused his death at the end of the day. There’s so much that could have. Recreational drugs certainly could have played a role. No way for us to know for sure without an autopsy report.

I do not believe that he died just because he used steroids, or even necessarily that steroids were particularly relevant to his death.

Every time a guy that used steroids dies people go nuts but he was an advocate for TRT regular labs and healthy well monitored juicing… So when my scrawny friends tell me not to end up like Piana I remind them they still cant fill out an Express extra Smedium T shirt like a boss yet

Please educate yourself before you come on here with all of this nonsense… These are all questions you should research yourself before coming on here for a good ol bashing session. Please tell me you are a fucking troll… But to quickly answer a few… Use the largest needle you can possibly find to maximize gains. Also, you don’t need to workout at all. Just inject into your jugular and the drugs do all the work…


Already injected into my jugular thanks for the tips, you are such a nice guy!


26 you can still squuze out some natural gains bro. Keeo pumping naturally for another few years. Do some SARMS thats ok. But dont pin yet.
Once u pin you will never go back.for test u need to k ow no matter how good the pct cycle is it will never be as good as the test cycle.