To Surge, Or Not To?

I read somewhere that Biotest Surge is more suited towards workouts aimed specifically for hypertrophy (I could be wrong). But if this is true, would it be better for me to save the Surge for another time since my upcoming workouts are focused purely on increasing strength? Or should I still take it anyway? Lemme know what you think. Thanks in advance.

Surge is aimed at improving recovery and providing the optimal post-workout (and pre-workout) environment. So YES, keep up the Surge.

Surge is not some sort of nebulous unknown cocktail that biotest formulates and doesn’t list the ingredients for. Protein, recovery amino acids, cholesterol, some vitamins and minerals, and of course carbs for fast recovery (glucose and maltodextrin). If anything you’re going to improve your recovery time and make sure that your muscles get the nutrients they need as quickly as you can. In other words, I don’t see how that can possibly not helpful for strength gains.

Ah, I see. Thanks guys. Basically I was trying to save money in a not so obvious way… I always manage to go through tubs of these things rather quickly and the money spent on it really adds up. Ah well, I guess it goes back to that expression don’t fix what’s not broken.

You are correct in that you won’t need to take as much surge doing a neural based strength training workout as you would doing a high sets metabolic based bodybuilding workout. Since you’re not burning as many calories, using as much glycogen or depleting energy stores as much you won’t need as much to help you. Surge can still help you however but you might be able to get away with 1/2 serving or so.