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**To SURGE Or Not to SURGE That Is My Question>>**

Just wondering… I’m really trying to lean out to look good for a photo shoot>> Is Surge still good for postworkout? Do you always want to replenish(postworkout) with a maltodextrin carb source whether your bulking or leaning out? Thanks for any advice- J.


This issue has been covered quite a bit. I don’t know about any homemade concoctions, but Surge is fine to use after training, even when dieting. Earlier this summer I tried it myself. I used a fairly low carb diet but still used Surge four times a week after weight training. The fat came off as it always does, yet workouts and recovery were improved.

Chris: Just a little off the thread, but seemed like a good time to ask about your split. You mentioned that you lift weights 4 times a week? What does your split look like? (This has been the topic of a few threads this week). I’ll search if you’ve already covered it…Mufasa

Mufasa- My split changes a lot depending on what I’m expermenting with but 4 days per week is about average. I do like to do as Ian King suggests and take a day off after two straight days of weight training. (Although on that “off” day I might do GPP, box, the ancillary circuit I wrote about the last “Short Topic” article etc.)Here’s a sample split:

Monday- Legs: Quad dom

Tuesday- Chest and Back

Wed- Off

Thursday: Shoulders and Arms

Friday: Legs: Hip dom

Sat and Sun- off or GPP, Boxing etc.

I’m playing with a revolving split now where each week I train one muscle group twice. For example, I may hit chest and tri’s on Monday and Friday. The next week it rotates and another muscle group gets hit twice, like legs. The whole split lasts three weeks before it starts over. So far, I really like it.

Next, I start another experimental program of training twice a day. I am the T-mag lab wabbit.

JRock,go ahead and use Surge.

Anyone here can tell me how many exercises per body part is minimal for growth?

What do you guys think of Dr. Serrano’s reccomendations of no carbs post workout? It’s weird because two of the leading experts Serrano and JMB have differing opinions and I know Surge works great, but Dr Serrano reccomends glutacene and Nitromine.Although I haven’t tried them I have heard from others that they work great.I’m am currently working with someone from infinity fitness on a low carb diet and was told the carbs after lifting is not the best way to get lean.So far I’m actually eating 2800 kcals a day(300 above my maintenence(the calorie levels rotate) and don’t seem to have gained any weight. In fact I feel leaner. I’m sure water levels have a lot to do with it…but food for thought. I’m sorer without Surge(haha i miss it)but I wonder what recovery wuld be like with the other 2 products. Just some thoughts…Mike

To Chris S.: I have been wanting to try a two-workouts per day program. Will this be posted in T-Mag? To All: any ideas on two workouts per day and/or suggested routines?

Luigi- If you’ll do a search at the T-mag site, you’ll find where I’ve described the two most common ways of doing this. I think one of them was in Reader Mail. The other might have been a Dawg School, not sure. Ian King has touched on this topic too and Poliquin has in his old column, I think.

The program John and I are working on will involve this type of training, but it’s more more detailed and “modern” so to speak.