To Supplement or Not???

Okay, when it comes to suppliments Im a total kindergardner!!! Sooo…Im coming to the T-Nation experts for help!!

Some of you know me from my “Shut Up Experiment” thread, but for those of you who do not…here’s my stats and goals:

37yo, 5’4", 246lbs, weightlifting 4 days a week (leg pressing 500lbs x 15reps), cardio 3 days a week (20-25minute HIIT on the bike from level 1 to level 9 & sometimes level 10), eating 6 small meals a day which typically include the following:

  1. 1/2cp oatmeal; 1 scoop protein powder
  2. 1/2cp ff cottage cheese; 1/2cp sugar free pineapple
  3. 5oz chicken; veggies
  4. 5oz eye of round; veggies
  5. 5oz fish; veggies
  6. RTD protein shake (usually Muscle Milk)

Im trying to lose fat and gain or at leaste keep the muscle I have. I have a pretty muscular base (you can see the pix on my profile) but Im really trying to tackle the belly fat.

Should I be considering suppliments at this point? Or just stick to healthy eating? Or do you need more information? Currently I take a multi-vitamin and that’s about it.

Thanks for your help!!! I need it cuz Im clueless!


Can always add a metabolism booster…keep in mind that you can’t really just target stomach fat which I’m sure you know. If you haven’t tried GSD diet yet, it is truly unbelievable.

I’m doing a show and have been on that for 3 weeks now and have cut down 10 lbs while still maintaining my strength and actually going up in some of my lifts, so I’m know I’m not just burning up muscle.

Hey BBB,

I like to keep things simple (and cheap) but I would suggest you add a decent multi-vitamin/mineral and fish oil to your diet. Since your primary goal is fat loss you could also consider a fat burner.

Obviously I will recommend Biotest’s products. They don’t offer a multi-vit but the Flameout is a great fish oil supp. I would also check out Se7en, it’s specifically designed for women. HOT-ROX is the fat burner. If you’re sensitive to stimulants or caffeine start off with low doses.

You don’t need to go crazy with supps if you’re eating right but they do help fill in the nutritional gaps and provide a little extra help achieving your goals faster and easier. Plus, you’ll be supporting all our friends at T-Nation & Biotest.

I did purchase HOT-ROX about a month ago. It didnt leave me jittery so I was pretty pleased with that. Not sure about the effects it’s having though…

I am taking flax seed oil. I use a tbsp on my veggies.

And I try to drink X-tend before and after my workouts. It’s a BCAA. Great watermelon flavor.

Since I’m starting a new w/o routine today I’ll give it a few weeks to see how my energy level goes. Hopefully with all the protein Im eating I’ll do okay and not need anything extra.

My ultimate goal is to lose the fat slow enough that I do not have any excess skin. So far Im very tight and things are leaning out nicely. I want to compete in a body building competition before I turn 40. I’ll be 38 in November. I want low body fat and big muscles!!! :slight_smile: The bigger the better! :slight_smile: