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To Supplement Now or Wait?

I�??ve lifted steadily for the last 8 years not to hard core or anything. Mostly split body 4 times a week then got into crossfit, which is high rep with cardio to try something new. The last month I haven�??t had a chance to hit the weights because the fact that I�??ve sliced my hand open got 15 stitches and just finished finals.

Never really been a big fan of supplements until last fall I bought protein from gnc and just took it a couple times a day. Recently been looking at trying I put on some muscle and cut some body fat.

Was wondering if I should get my diet back in order and get back in a routine and wait on supplements or integrate supplements right away?

Definitely get your diet in order before adding supplements into the mix.

Diet. Is Key. =)

Supplements are supplements, they will never be able to counteract a bad diet. =P

Depends how you are defining supplements; I’d think most people on this forum would consider a supplement to be more of a chemical type product like creatine, Spike, etc, but by your OP you are also talking about protein powders the like.

As the previous posters have said, there is no replacement for proper diet. Supplements are not supposed to be a way for us to ‘put off’ a better diet. however, I consider a pre/post workout shake like Surge to be part of a balanced nutrition plan; I can’t see any real advantage on waiting to add workout shakes.

Really, considering workout shakes a supplement is a misnomer; they do so much more than supplement the workout, many workout plans are built around the fact that workout nutrition exists and we can use it to improve recovery. What’s optimal for someone using workout nutrition optimally might be overtraining for someone who is not…