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To Strap Or Not To Strap?


I use straps on my "heavy" lifts that my hands are not able to lift, my training partner tells me that it will weaken my grip. even with straps he can't lift anywhere near what I can on deads or on shrugs which is about all I use them for anyway. my end of the argument is that my hands give out before my back and shoulders will so whats better deads for 355 for 4X6 or 495 for the same rep/set program when I'm doing back and shoulder why worry about grip.


I thought this post was about something else...in which case I'd say yes, until you've been dating her for awhile


You're going to get all kinds of responses man, but the main thing to keep in mind is your training purpose. I train for Strongman, so I use straps on shrugs and even then minimally. If you're training mainly to "look good nekeed", then by all means, use straps. Do what makes sense for you.


I've started lifting at a new gym and the only bars they have are these short, thick squat bars. On the benches, on the inclines, and in the squat rack. It has totally fucked my deadlift. They don't give at all (no bend) and they feel thick as hell. I'm about to break down and buy some straps.


I don't use straps unless I am moving more than 4 plates a side. I think if you use them before that too often, you will greatly weaken your grip...which could translate directly over to biceps training. I have never trained my forearms directly. I think avoiding straps unless absolutely necessary has helped.