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To Start HCG or Not to Start?

Nonsense. He can cycle HCG any time his sweet balls desire to. Do some more research regarding fertility while on TRT. I had the same misconceptions, in case you think Im some kinda know it all. Im not.

Is this regrading my statement ?

Probably related to the atrophy… for me it increases semen volume and orgasm quality. No question. if I’m not on HCG the quality of of my orgasms diminishes in a very significant way.

Ive been on and off HCG quite a bit. Either off because I’m traveling or off because it’s a pain to get it out of the refrigerator in the garage and bing it upstairs to inject every other day. But when I’m off, it is very noticeable and the effects are noticeable enough to want to be on it year round.

I think this is just a restoration of orgasm quality that I had pre-trt. When I went on trt is when the orgasm quality started to drop.

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Yes. Fertility can be maintained without coming off TRT. Its not chemical castration. So cycle HCG twice a year.

Interesting perspective since lately Ive noticed when Im on HCG, my orgasms are too strong. Perineum spasms can become uncomfortable or almost painful if Im balls deep and start to orgasm, missionary only though. Otherwise no HCG feels smoother and tantric. HCG makes my orgasms a bit too distracting.