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To Split Dianabol Dose or Not To?

Currently on 750mg of sustanon,200mg deca for 8 weeks.Wanting to try dianabol so I see how it reacts,I got the 20mg pills.I think 60 mg daily is okay,or am I wrong?
Should I split it so I take 10 mg 6 times a day,or do I take 20 mg 3 times a day?
Thank you in advance

Is this your first time using deca? If so it might be a better idea to see how you react to that first.
Due to the short 8 hour half life of dbol, splitting it into 3 times a day is fine.

You shouldn’t need 60mg/d, but if that’s what you go with then splitting it up to twice a day is probably good. Three times is fine too.

Yes,its my first time using deca.Like I said I’ve been on this cycle for 8 weeks and now I wanted to try dianabol so I know how I react to it.

You think 60mg/day is too much for first time? Why?
Would 40mg be enough?

I started today and Im already had 2 strong arrhythmias,is that normal?

E2 management is notoriously tough with dbol. The more you take the more difficult it can be to control it. Otherwise it’s not like a dangerous dose or anything.

Apologies I read that as you were starting an 8 week cycle :slightly_smiling_face:

Should I throw in some nolvadex,maybe 10mg a day?

Up to you. If gyno is a concern then you’re better off at least having it on hand.

Does anybody have an advice how to control my acne,because Im prone to them.I’ve heard that dianabol will most likely give them to me.What hormones when they go out of normal cause acne?

A lot of steroid-related acne is caused by hormone fluctuations. The only way to completely avoid that is to not use steroids. You can manage that side effect by keeping things like e2 within a narrower range and being meticulous about hygiene. But it’s nearly impossible to avoid acne if you’re prone to it and using steroids. Tanning can help, as can a good body wash. But don’t overdo it because it’ll just end up being worse.

Like @iron_yuppie said, its hormone fluctuations. I started a cycle 5 weeks ago, 3rd week acne around the chest and shoulders flared up pretty bad. I’ve been using benzoyl peroxide and showering twice a day to keep it under control. It’s now looking a lot better and less and less are popping up while using less of the benzoyl peroxide. Will stop it completely in a few days.