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To SpaceMonkey (DIET)

I read a recent post of yours on how you achieved 4% bodyfat, which is my goal as well. I have a plan that is very similar to what you followed. I am eating 4 days low carbs, 1 day high carbs. Could you provide me with your stats as well as details on what your plan involved, g of protein per day, etc. I’m still working on my “Predator Diet” I talked about in another post. I try to get most food in in 1 meal, and based on the research and practicallity think that I will aim for at least 50% of my protein after my workout. Low carb days are 1.5g protein per lb. bodyweight, 75% protein, 25% fat, minimal carbs from greens and tomatos to make chicken palletable. Every 5th day 150g carbs from sweet potatos, greens, and oatmeal. I’m currently 6’3", 215 and not sure about bf%, but its definitely coming down. Any and all details you can provide for your preperation would be appreciated.