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to shugart from waterboy

Hey Chris were’nt you gonna write an article on a good anti-deppresent? Just asking because you said something about that a couple months ago to someone on the forum and I was really interested in it. Mainly because I had used a few and the side effects were unbearable,mainly the fat gain wich makes most of them a non option for me. Anything you have to say on this would be appreciated.

The article concerns electromedicine which treats depression very effectively with no side effects. See the current “Stuff We Like” column for a short preview. I review an electromedicine device there.

Chris, I read that article with great interest. I have been researching the ways to generate natural endorphins for pain relief and mood improvement. Laughing, running, eating carbs and fat, and physical trauma itself, can all trigger releases of endorphins. And now, apparently, microcurrent electical stimulation. I guess the effect is similar to acupuncture. I was particularly interested in the cranial microcurrent stimulation method, using the earlobe clips. I may pursue purchase of one of these. I would really like to hear anything more you have to say about the experience.

Nylo – Contact me at cs@t-mag.com and I’ll send you the unpublished article.