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to shave the head??

Going bald and considering shaving the ol’ melon…except when I poke my fingers around on top of my dome, it feels kinda funny, like with a bump. Not too big, but I notice it. I’m thinking this might be like when you run your toungue over a chipped tooth…feels worse than it is. Just looking for some words of encourangement (or discouragement) from any of you other balding, funny-headed dudes.

dude, the moment i start losin my hair ill get a close shave…i dunno if id go mr.clean style (like i wouldnt bic it), but id go with a 1 or a 2 buzz…go for it!

I have better things to do in my life than worry about my hairdo. Shaved clean for the past 6 years. Go for it, you won’t regret it.

Shave the damn thing! I used to have a mane of blonde hair a"la the Nelson twins - however, my old man and grandfather both sport the ‘reverse mowhawk’ and I had to come to terms with the fact that my tide would eventually go out too. I thought that it would be the end of my sex life, but - surprise, going ‘eggshell blond’ has damn near TRIPLED my score rate! I should point out that I am a professional nightclub bouncer, so I do come into coontact with a bevvy of 18 - 27 (after 26 they seem to stay at 27 indefinitely) women. Being bald gives them an oppertunity to give my dome a kiss and rub and almost always is the starting point for a conversation. It matters not that my head has a pretty big scaron it, if any thing it’s just another talking point. Lather up and get ready to do some serious horizontal folk dancing!


My friend just shaved his head yesterday, I chose to go with the mohawk. Both are definitely worth it. Really loving the mohawk, its fucking sweet as hell.

I have heaps of hair but am getting it shaved to no. 1 on Friday as a work related fundraiser for child cancer, and its coming into winter here, brrrrrrr!!

If there is a baldie thread going on, Goldberg and Axy are sure to follow. >:)

I shaved mine down to the 1 guard on my Norelco beard/mustache trimmer. I buzz it once a week to keep it looking good. It’s the best thing I ever did! Go for it. Don’t worry about the bump on your head. I have an oval head, so I was worried about it looking funny. But it actually looks good.

Don’t shave your head unless you are a fairly big dude. Skinny guys with shaved heads look very weird.

How do you guys go about shaving your head clean? I’ve just been using a Bic, but damn does it bleed when I do it. Even using a nice fresh one. Any tips? Does my scalp just need to toughen up and until it does it’ll bleed or what?

I use a mach 3 and havent cut my head in a long time.

Jake: I first put moisturizer on my head and face. I give it a few minutes and then put hot water all over my head and face. Then I use a Mach 3 razor and Edge Gel to shave with. While shaving I keep the blade rinsed under hot water after each stroke. Been shaving my head for about 4 years now and this method works best for me.

I use the gillete xtreme disposable three blade razor. It bends to fit your head and you can thump the crap out of it without the razor flying off.

Shaving my head has been one of the best presents I’ve ever given myself. Try it. If it doesn’t work for you just grow it back. If you grow it back add lots of milk to your diet if it doesn’t bother you. Increased protein intake and calcium makes my beard grow back faster. Some brands of Calcium Pyruvate make it grow extremely fast if I take 5 grams per day. I can’t use a razor because the terain is too rough so I use a Wahl groomsman without the attachment once a week. I look bald for a couple of days and then by the end of the week I start looking like the tennis player who did all those nike commercials and married a woman by the last name of Shields. If I were to use a razor I wouldn’t use a bic. That’s from personal experience on my face. For me Gillette works best. Last but not least!!! Keep a hat or at least a bandana handy at all times!!! That’s true in summer and winter.

Thanks guys, I’ll see what happens. Might try shaving after showering instead of before, soften up the hairs or something. Either that or just get used to blood, lol.

Jake. Just an fyi. I have found the best time to shave my face is after I have broken a sweat so shaving after a shower should work as well. On the other hand since I use a groomsman It doesn’t work if my head is wet. I have to have it dry completely. It would be easiest to shave if you run a pair of clippers over your head to get most of the hair off. It is damn near impossible to shave a full head of hair. Hope that helps.

Shave your head. Razor it totally bald. You will love it. I did it and now I won’t go back to having hair. E-mail me if you want some tips on razoing bald


It really all depends about how you feel about going bald. Honestly when it happened to me I was devastated. My sense of attraction to the opposite sex and consequently my self-confidence dwindled to nothing. Fortunately finasteride (proscar) came on the market two years later, this arrested any further hair loss, I then sought the services of a reputable hair transplant surgeon specialising in follicular unit hair transplantation (the transplantation of individual hair follicles), what they can achieve these days is incredible, I now have a completely natural head of hair, and I’m ecstatic with the results. But that was me, obviously as evidenced by some of the responses you’ve got some guys aren’t fazed by it. And if you aren’t either then go to it. However if you’re interested in the alternative of FU transplantation check out the new hair institute on the web, the photos (before and after) and peer reviewed articles on surgery techniques will go a long way to informing you of your options. They’ll even send you out an extensive free information pack. Even if you opt for the shave I still recommend you start taking proscar immediately this will at least preserve the hair you have left and depending upon what stage of hair loss you’re in may even result in regrowth.