To shave or not to shave that is the question.

I look like Grizzly Adams on Rogaine so I decided to shave and trim some body hair. About an hour later and three razors into the process I figured this wasn’t for me.

Then I go out and get comments like “Wow, looks like you have been working out” and this person saw me the day before.

So who else is with me?

Jeff, I hear ya. I shaved last summer and everyone said I looked huge. Then I got back together with my old girlfriend and she said I looked incredible, but she liked the hairy look better. Once I grew the hair back she asked if I had gotten smaller. Bitch! No not really I love her to death but she agreed I looked a lot larger without the hair. I’m with you in that it wasn’t me. I enjoy being a hairy animal just fine. Of course I got the girl now so I don’t have to impress them anymore:)

Hey Jeff, there’s a few other Jeff’s on this forum, so it’s probably a good idea to include an initial or something to we can all be told apart.

Hey Jeff F,
There are other guys on here named Jeff, with the same last initial. Maybe we can all go to Planet Jeff and re-think our strategy to take over the world. Bwahahaha

I’d suggest using clippers, 1/8 to 1/4 inch,
rather than shaving. You get “the best of
both worlds” in that the hair no longer
obscures definition much, while no one
wonders what is with you, being a guy and
shaving your body.

It’s also far more convenient, and need be
done much less often.

Clipper your pubes, too. Makes your rod look bigger.

I agree with Bill. I keep everything trimmed very short. But I do shave my armpits completely.

Hey Jeff F., doesn’t it suck saying your first and last name because the F sound at the end of your name runs in with the F at the beginning of your last name, so you have to be careful to take a pause in between so it doesn’t sound like your just saying some non-sensical word? At least I know if I pissed anyone off before no one will know who is who and therefore not hold a grudge. Or maybe they will begrudge us both. Hm…quite a predicament we’ve landed ourselves in.

Well, I’m just glad it’s not Jeff Fej. That would really suck.
As not to hijack someone else’s thread - I go with the clippers myself. Less hassle and looks decent.