To run? To warrior?

Hey there, got a question. I’m in a situation now where i’ve put on 30lbs in the last 6-8 months, and this is not good weight. i’m wondering what you guys think about running as a means of getting rid of this fat. I know something like fat fast (which i’ve done and had success with in the past) would be ideal but i DO NOT have the resources for such a extreme process at the moment. i’ve got no gym as i’m currently in the middle of no where so my excercise is limited, actually do you guys think that i should adopt a “warrior” method of training while i’m in this situation?? have any of you tried these methods and if so what kind of success have you had??? thanks guys.

I think you definitely should run. While you might not be able to pack a lot of quality beef, if any, I think that running is an excellent way to lose weight, and the best, at that. In boot camp, I saw young guys lose as much as 50 lbs in 12 weeks. This is extreme for some, but you could lose 30 lbs without too much issue if you consistently ran and did lots of calisthenics. Push ups, pull ups, sit ups, dips. Do body squats too, all of this as a means of cardio. I think you’ll be happy with the weight loss results, which is after all, what you want, right? If you have a chance later, then head to a gym. But I am a firm believer in a period of sweaty, tough runs to lose large amounts of weight. They work wonders.
What do you mean by “warrior” training methods?