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To Rob Coates....tell me more about thyroid disease and training....

Hi Rob…I read your post under supplementation advice for women. I’m pretty knowledgeable about hormones and training and am a medical professional, and am also a thyroid patient (status-post thyroidectomy; autoimmune thyroiditis/Hashimoto’s Disease) on Levothyroxine (T4) and Cytomel (T3). I’ve been training with weights and watching my diet since the age of twelve. You mentioned management of female clients with thyroid supplementation, could you please explain this to me? I’ve used with success, the German Body Comp program during times of thyroid resistance, when its especially difficult to keep off body fat. I tweak the workout by going more heavy and using lots of intensity; I also cut my carbs and do lots of cardio when my metabolism seems like nil. I vary German body comp with other more traditional workouts/splits several times a year, but German Body Comp seems to be the workout that helps with the slower metabolism, as long as I tweak it a bit as needed.

Anyway, any suggestions, new hints for body fat loss for a person with thyroid disease would be very welcomed. Thank you!