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to reference the thong song...


Any of you T-vixens- and hey, maybe you men- ever need to downsize your legs?
I'm a typical soccer/distance runner leg type. Verrrry muscular, and almost too much so sometimes. I've been kind of frustrated lately because they look GOOD-decently defined and so on- they're just BIG- as in 23" big..and I'm only 63 inches tall. Maybe it's just today's fashions that are making me feel that way.
I've recently started squatting much heavier and with lower weights, and it seems to be improving them a lot..I guess I'm just wondering what you do when you want to LOSE some muscle :slight_smile:


If you wanna lose muscle from your legs do a lot of long-distance running. But don't be surprised when your squat goes down.


As long as that muscle is functional who cares what size it is? I have 24.5 inch thighs. They look somewhat big compared to my upper body. But, the last time I did a long jump it was exceptional considering I am not an olympian. I know this has something to do with that size. Don't knock a good thing just because it may not be so popular. Besides some of us look at a big upper body, then an even bigger lower body as some serious power. I used to find women with this particular physique not so appealing, but lately I can't take my eyes off of an athletic woman with powerful legs. Yeah they are kinda a big, but they look so dam good!


I wouldn't bother losing muscles in the legs. That is the sexiest attributes a woman has in my opinion! Any pics? :slightly_smiling:


Hehe, I know a soccer player who's 53 inches tall and her legs are nearly that big. I think it's sexy.


Woops, that is, 57 inches tall. And honestly, keep 'em. And post some pics if at all possible =).


It's all in the proportions. I never complained about natural muscle on a women. I think it's pretty sexy personally.


If you no longer wish for them to grow, then you are one the right track w/ your training. Relative strength training is the key to a hard body w/o the hypertropy. I wouldn't sweat losing muscle; you may knock off a little bit simply by not training them for hypertrophy any longer. What I would recommend is that you squat and deadlift everyday M-F, but only 1 set of 5. This works wonders for increasing strength and will not provide any hypertrophy stimulus/microtrauma at all. I've actually seen people lose muscle while doing this type of training and actually GAIN strength through neurological mechanisms.

If you want to give it a try, start with a load that you can handle for 10 easy reps. Do 1 set of 5 reps everyday, adding 2.5 lbs everyday (with platemates) or 5 lbs every other workout until you reach your 5RM (Male trainees would add 5 lbs every workout). It will be substantially higher than your previous 5RM. You can then repeat the cycle by starting at a weight slightly higher than you started at last time depending on how much strength you gained.

Take care,



fuck today's fashion....who want a women with legs the size of her forearm?? soccer legs are sexy as hell.

show some pics!


Thanks all :slightly_smiling:
Joel, I'll give that a try, thanks for the detailed input.
I've been TRYING to post pics..but the picture forum doesn't like me. I'll keep trying.
And interestingly enough, I think a lot of the size I've got is from long distance running. When I started running at 14, I got stretch marks that first year because my legs grew so fast.


And a couple more thoughts..just read some of my PMs and realized from someone that hey! the legs do what they're supposed to do!
Ran an hour and a half today with some really good sprints and I got home and thought...wow. What have I got to worry about? I squat over my bodyweight, I can sprint and run and keep going and (thanks to all the replies) there are guys out there who aren't afraid of some muscle :wink:.


Sounds like I'm built a bit like you - 62" tall and 31" of that is INSEAM, with upper thigh girth of about 22". Yes, for me being a shorty, I've got long ass legs. I used to freak on my legs being thick but then I came to terms with it. I'll never have a gap between my upper thighs (for some reason I fixated on that as being the definition of perfection in regards to legs - strange, I know). Ten years ago I was a size 2, 110lbs and around 11%BF - I still didn't have a gap. I certainly am not going to have one now, but I'm ok with that. I just had to embrace the fact that I'm short and powerfully built (nice euphanism eh?). I'm not worried about decreasing leg size - just focusing on getting stronger and shedding a few more %'s of BF (rather pleased with losing 3%BF and gaining 1lb LBM over the last 4 weeks). And Patricia's leg shots did motivate me to take a few of my own.

Take some of your legs, try some of the suggestions here, then take some more photos to compare in a month. And post the results!


Personally, I think all you girls are doing great by hitting it hard. If you're natural , you'll only get so big. Give what Joel said a shot, if you like, but a lot of us guys love the natural muscle. Hell I'd like all of you girls to post some pics.


elveneyes- I have a lot of my girls who are concerned with the very same thing that you are. What they all had in common was that their legs tended to grow when they lifted light weights for multiple reps. Joel hit the nail on the head, the relative strength workouts will make you strong without making you big, and you yourself have taken a really big step by realizing that your legs do what they're supposed to, so why worry about them? Let me impart one little thing that I tell my players "I don't coach girls, I coach athletes. And any athlete who is more concerned with how they look than how they play needs to find another program." We find out really quickly who's serious about soccer this way. Good luck with your training.


I agree, muscular legs on girls ROCK. They make you look like you are active, have been active, and care about yourself - traits every guy likes (or should). My vote? Keep 'em.


Think about it this way: the legs contain the largest muscle group. If you were to gain and maintain LBM in that area, just think of all the positive side benefits that would occur with your resting metabolism. Besides added strength in various Oly-lifts and compound movements as deads, squats.

Besides, I find that most women who fear of gaining too much LBM in their legs, often have no reason for such a fear. Unless you're a genetic freak (and that's very rare), you have nothing to worry about.


I want my legs to be hyooooge.... I just want my ass to go away. :slight_smile:

But the only solution I see to that is stop squatting. And seriously, I don't think so. Guess I'll just have to deal.


Now see... I LIKE an ass on a guy. You keep squatting and I will, ok?? :wink:
Tomorrow I'm gonna walk in and try for 170 on my squats..y'all got me pumped up.


I think that most guys that don't like muscular or thicker legs on girls are intimidated by the fact that her legs might be bigger than theirs.


Hey Elveneyes, I began training only recently and I have always hated my legs and my big ass. Granted I am currently overweight, but even when I have been much smaller, my legs and butt seemed huge to me.
A few weeks ago I jokingly told my trainer that I wanted to squat 135. Then to my suprise I did it. Last weekend, I squated 225 and afterwards had about 30 hot men stop their workouts and applaud me. I am still high from it! Have discovered a new appreciation for my stocky and powerful pins. Tonight I am going to attempt 245, Woo-Hoo. Screw it, if you can't lick'em, join 'em......