To Pyramid on Not to Pyramid..

Which is better a rep scheme for size/strength training. A half pyramid with reps at 12-10-8-6-6 increasing wieght on each set? Or an add wieght type of scheme were the reps are kept the same but wieght is increased on each each set? example: 6-6-6-6-6? Or does it not really matter and more of an individual thing? For instance, I always seem to lift more on my heavy sets when the reps are kept at the same number throught the sets. I’d like to hear some feed back.

I like the half pyramid approach when on a bulking cycle as it still provides a considerable amount of volume and some higher rep sets while still allowing for some considerable strength gains.

I have found that I get limited results if I blend my goals. Strength cycles or hypertrophy cycles are more productive when performed alone rather than trying to attain both. Thats me, though. When I strength train, it is so SOOOOOOO much different than when I train for hypertrophy. I am finding my own still. I am about to a point where 4-6 weeks strength are best for me and 3-5 are best for growth. Wide open I know. Isn’t half the fun the planning, the analysis, the replanning?