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To Powder or Not to Powder?


I have read alot of articles who state that Protein Powders are only to be used in between meals, not as a meal.

I personally have to use PP to equate most of my protein for the day. I also eat meat and eggs, and drink alot of milk.

Is using alot of PP each day a bad idea? or should I focus on getting my protien mostly from real food? or as much as I can any way.

Also, I seem to gain weight in my face quickly. Can anyone tell me a good way to eliminate the fat face epidemic? The rest of my body carries a little extra BF but I seem to pudge in the face. Is this something i have to live with? Please advise..Thanks alot


Protein powders are not bad. As long as you can get a full real food meal a day you should be fine.

This was discussed in the MRP diet article back in the day.


As for your face i have no idea what is going on. I never heard of anyone gaining too much on their face every time they bulked. I know GH makes your face expand, in particular your head and forehead.


Why didn't you just bump your other thread if you feel that you didn't get your question answered?

You asked the same question and got good responses.



So, does your head get heavy when you gain weight in your face? Have you weighed your face?

Seriously, unless you're at one of the extremes for body composition (very lean or obese) you're probably just retaining a little water, which is sometimes more noticable in the face.

There's not much you can do about it.


I thought most of this looked familiar!


Sorry about the repeat, I kept looking for my post but never saw it. I know it takes some time to get the post up but I placed it almost a week ago.

Thanks for all the input.

As for gains, I am getting a whole lot stronger. Almost seems as if I get stronger every week. Mostly to do with CW's 10x3. I have stepped up intensity and making good progress.

One last thing... You guys make me laugh my a$$ off. I mean "did you weigh your head?" Thats funny, I don't care who you are.


This is Proteinpowda Speaking:
While I'm one of the oddest people on the forums I also have some decent size and strength (nothing exceptional: bench 355, squat 400+ and deadlift 425..arms 17.25) and guess what? I'm a vegetarian. Almost all of my protein comes from protein powder.
It's fine.
Just prepare to fart a bit more.


My face does the same thing when I bulk. It seems to retain water. As soon as I started my cutting phase, it very quickly went away. Don't worry about it. It's just a means to an end....