To Patricia

Hey Patricia,
I have been trying to get my girlfriend in the gym more…more specifically, to workout with free weights more. But, like 99% of all women…she thinks she will get “bulky”…ahhhhhhhhh!! I feel like pulling my hair out everytime she says that. Anyways, just wanted to commend you on an awesome interview with Shugurt in this weeks issue. I think you shattered alot of mis-conceptions regarding women and training. I am going to print it and have my girlfriend read it. Thanks for your input!!..Tony G

I thank you kindly, Tony.

While I began training for purely selfish reasons (don't we all), it's now to the point where if I can inspire someone else, be it a man or woman, to do it also, then so be it. But I still train for myself, first and foremost. I think we all should.

I don't think I'm the only one shattering misconceptions. There are alot of other women who are doing the same. Just go to any powerlifting meet or drug-free bodybuilding contest. They're there. Even in boxing. These women are everywhere. What women have to realize is this: we're all different. Be it personalities or body types. The fear your girlfriend has is a fear that has been handed down via many, many years of media's perception of the "idealized beauty" - even men are feeling this now.

I say, let's all stop feeding this inane fear and let's start feeding them our own perceptions! Our own ideals! Functional strength and power! Yeah. Oh, and get your girlfriend to this site. Have her start posting some questions and getting involved! Thanks again (for the kind words), Tony!


I think your girlfriend is very lucky to have you as a boyfriend. I used to believe that weightlifting will make women HUGE (cuz I looked at the pro female bodybuilders!). Then when I decided to workout with weights, I didn't know what I was doing, so I worked out the same body parts EVERYDAY until I couldn't move and stopped working out. (OK, you can stop laughing now...)

It wasn't until my senior year in college (and a month before my graduation at that) I read Body-for-Life and realized that I did it all wrong. So horribly wrong. I know we all make fun of BFL, but it does provide a good starting point for a completely ignorant newbie.

I think if I had someone like you to guide me earlier, I'd have been much better off. So tell your girlfriend to stop making excuses and get her butt to the gym! :)

Hahaha, I’m printing this one for my gf AND some of my guy friends who won’t let their ladies do weights. Gawd how many of us have heard that “I don’t wanna get too big” crap…

Actually BFL isn’t THAT bad, I know a lot of people who’ve benefited from it. And who doesn’t remember TC’s article about spending time in Tijuana with Bill Phillips? Or BP’s own before and after pics… check out his moustache, heh heh.