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To Patricia

Patricia, are you interested in a Boxing Career? I have all the contacts that you will ever need and you would obviously be training Renegade Style. I am in Orange County CA. Have you had any amatuer fights? You can get my email address from Coach D. late

Dark Renegade: ANY information you are capable of providing me would be very much appreciated!

I begin boxing training tonight at a community center that has a boxing gym. This boxing gym has a team that is actively seeking more female recruits. I do hope to be one. I have a MA background that begins with Karate in 1997, and after some kickboxing training and a recent search for a good MMA school, I realized that I prefer "standup" fighting and am leaning towards Western boxing.

As Ko has informed me, I need to work on the "pop" in my punches. No amatuer fights, yet. I'll indeed get your email address from Coach D. THANKS!