To: Patricia, re: King Conan

Patricia, I just read in one of your other posts that Arnold is infact signed on for a ‘King Conan’ movie? I’ve been dieing for such a movie for -years-… can you pass along any sources/links you have regarding it? Thanks!

Well, I began drooling right after I heard of the news about this movie moving forward. It will be produced by the Waschowski Brothers (The Matrix), written and directed by John Millius (who wrote and directed the first Conan). Millius had submitted a 193-page draft that the Waschowski’s asked if he could trim down to 160-something pages. There was a site that provided a review of the script, and I’ll see if I can find it and post the url. The consensus of the script so far, is that if they do indeed follow it, it’ll be one hell of a movie. Lots of heads gettin’ sliced off, lots of action - the stuff that makes Conan great. One site that would help you keep up with info on All Things Arnold is: Start there.

-No- way. The Oak and the W Brothers? Okay, pinch me now please 'cause I surely must be dreaming. If I were to ever make a movie, this would be it. I shall now begin the ritual praying whenever I hear of a prospectful badass movie in the works. “Please don’t screw it up, please don’t screw it up…” (Regarding the Arnold fan… yes, that site kicks.)

I’m still looking for that review - I’m on a mission now to find this damn thing! It contains a very good synopsis of the plot.

Here it is: articles/362/362105p1.html (space at “/” and “articles”). Enjoy!

Patricia :-)

Yes, it’s true. You do kick the most ass. Sweeeet.

Please don’t let the Rock play Conan’s Son Kon.

Kon: You buncha nasty jambronie barbarian candy asses. The Rock don’t…

Director: Pssst your name is Kon.

Kon: The Kon don’t need no sword to put the smack down on you bastards. Each and every one of you candy asses is going to feel the peoples elbow. Can you smell what the Ro…what the Kon has cooookiiiinggg!!! (Raises eyebrow)

Director(To himself.): Please kill me! Ahhhgrrrhhhhh!!! (Is stabbed by the Rock). I wasn’t serious you asswipe. Sigh!!!

nk: Actually the FIRST thought for Conan’s son was The Rock. THEN Vin Diesel. Now they’re leaning towards a unknown. And thank god to that!

Ike: Glad you liked the article.