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To Nolva Or Not To Nolva

… that is the ?

I’m just finishing up a 6 week cycle of 1-ad & MAG-10 destroyer. 100mg 3x a day each.

I have plenty of nolva & 6-oxo on hand. Would you guys use the nolva post cycle or just the 6-oxo?

I dont know if i noticed any decrease or shutdown of my testoserone levels? sex drive dropped maybe a little, no shrinkage, increase of body acne as of just recently.

nolva or 6-oxo? what do you think?


Since you have it…use the nolvadex. 4 weeks after you stop the nolvadex have labs run.

Part of me wants to say Nolva. But I’m pretty sure when Bill Roberts et al designed those prohormones they did so in such a way that PCT was not required.

Now are you gonna mess anything up by running Nolva for 3 weeks or so? No.

So you’re really just asking whether you should take nolva or nothing.

Cause no one can responsibly recommend a product like “6-oxo” until they’ve seen at least one objective, peer-reviewed study on it.