To Nolva or Not to Nolva?

Ok so I’m on a pretty low cycle 600 mg test E a week just started 200mg masteron into the mix, I mean I like the results so far. I didn’t want to go to extreme as I consider myself still a newbie. Anyways been on arimidex while on cycle and have some for post cycle as well as a bunch of clomid and I coulda sworn I had some nolvadex lying around but you know what? I don’t!ok I do but like 5 pills of nothingness. So should I jump on and get some b4 my cycle ends to throw it in the mix or do you think clomid and arimidex will do the trick on that same topic if it is suggested to still get nolva, should I get some hcg with the dosages I’ve been taking. Thanks!

800 mg/wk of androgens in not a low dose.

anyway, are you asking if you should get nolva for PCT? your post is not at all clear.

typically, i suggest that over clomid, due to less emotional/side effects… however lately, i’m thinking Toremifine is the way to go…

yea I already have the clomid on hand, but should I just get nolva instead…never heard of toremifine im check into it now