To My T-Brothers in the NYC/NJ Area

I’m throwing this idea out here…

I’m looking for a couple of T-men to go out with, mostly to bars and clubs, to meet women and hang out with on a Thur Fri or Sat night.

I recently ended a friendship with one of my best friends, who I went out with all the time. Now I’m left with kind of nerdy friends who are nice guys but are clueless with chicks.

In fact, I only have 1 real T-man buddy in the NYC area. Problem is, he works long hours, and is in an on-and-off again relationship, so he can’t go out on a regular basis. (When we go out together we have a great time and have fun)

Since every guy at work is married (except one), there’s no one to hang out with. I work out at my job, so I don’t meet anyone new in the gym.

So, it would be sweet to meet other outgoing, confident guys to go out with
in Northern Jersey or NYC - preferably Jersey. Hoboken is great, since I’m about to buy a condo in Jersey City and there are a TON of young single yuppie girls.

I’m down for Union or Bergen county too.

I don’t mind the city, but even though I’m NYC born and raised, I always seem to get along better with Jersey girls.

Plus, I don’t live in midtown anymore, so its inconvenient to bring them back to my place in Staten Island.

Living in Jersey City will be more convenient, but still…its just easier to hit on chicks when you live closeby.

(If one of you lives in Manhattan, that would be sweet).

I’ll stop rambling and say don’t be shy, we have nothing to lose. Let’s hang out and if we get along, great. If we can form a wolfpack, even better :wink:

Wideguy , you reading this?

is down for hanging out

Well, I guess its a no go.