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To much spices, harmful?

I have lately gone absolutely mad with different spices on my chicken breasts and frozen veggies, and Im curious whether this can have a negative effect of some kind.

Absolute opposite!!! OK the hot chilli has been implicated in stomach ulsers but apart from this spices are hugely positive, many contain essential oils and phytochemicals that could aid training but more importantly they keep your head together and help you get through those times when you just can’t face another chicken breast or piece of broccali. Here are a few points on herbs and spices that are pretty useful: Mint contains essential oils menthol, menthone, menthyl acetate and flavanoids which ease bowel irratation and have anti-oxidant properties; basil contains many volatile oils such as linalol, limonene and estragole and has antiseptic properties that can help cure acne; chives share many of the healing properties of garlic and onions whose sulphur compounds have been used for centuries to treat everything from colds to arthritis; oregano’s oils are have been used to treat colds and asthma as well as chewing a few leaves to relieve toothache; cayenne is an anti-septic and stimulates circulation as well as raising core body temp. (burning more calories hence its use in fat loss supplements); mustard is a pro-inflamatory but also a diuretic; ginger is another great one for helping colds, coughs etc. I’m no herbalist and I don’t say any herbs or spices take the place of medicine but hell, they probably aren’t gonna do an ounce of harm!


You will die.

Aside from revolting, putrid gas from too much of some spices, the only other side effect I can think of is over-consumption of foods that are now too palatable.

They might make your system too acidic if you use waaaay too much of them. Check out the recent paper version of testosterone, pg 125. It talks about going on a cycle of 'roids, and how you need to make your system more basic, rather than acidic. I know you didn’t ask about 'roids, but the article talks about how an acidic system diminishes nutrient absorption, fatigues the body through inefficient digestion, beats up the immune system and escalates cortisol levels.

I could be wrong about spices, but I do believe most of them are acidic. I could easily be wrong. Anybody else know about this?