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To Much HCG


So I've been at the TRT game now for 7 years. I've been a guinea pig for every protocol and drug on earth. One last thing I thought I'd pass along is I think we're using to much HCG. I've dropped my dose down to 150iu injected once a week and I've had no ill effects. I've been on this dose for seven months. Since HCG tends to drive up E2 it's probably a good idea to find you're ideal dose.

Have a question about peps, HGH, TRT, brain drugs, etc? Post them here and if I've tried it I'll post results.


I have read you should do no more than 300mg in a single dose, I am doing 150iu on sat/ 150iu sun ( I get my test shot on Mon- single shot weekly)


Several guys have become more sensitive to it as time goes on and lowered the dose. I have a feeling that's my case. At 150iu in one shot a week it works just fine. Anymore that that and it starts driving my E2.