To Michelle and Ironbabe

Michelle! Babe! Hope things are okay…Pat could use some help warding off all the Testosterone on this site! :)–!!!

Seriously…hope things are well and you ladies will start bustin’ a few balls around here again! (I always have loved your post)!

Dude! You don’t think I’m capable? Huh?

Tee hee hee ;-)

Hey, but them are kewl chicks! So the more the merrier in this forum!

Oh, and Michelle has been busy stirring up shit-o-la on some of the other threads!

Hey there! Oh, I’m around… laugh

Just look for looooong posts where fights are going on! *grin*

Don't you worry, I'm just as outsopken as ever, I just can't be online as much as I used to be. Thanks for asking though!