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To Marine NCOs, former and Present

Ok, it’s late so I apologize if I ramble and make no sense. I have started a thread on my proposed training and goals in the proper section, here, I am gonna post my academic/PME goals for achieving Corporal in six months. Some info, I’m in Japan (1st MAW) and I deal with avionics. Right now, I’m just getting used to the shop (I’ve only been out of school for 8 weeks), but I do the basics (show up on time, have a fresh haircut for monday, and do what I’m told). Outside of that, I’ve just received 5 MCI’s (that’s the most you can have active). I’m gonna get those done in the next month (their not hard, I have Math for Marines, Electronics Math for Marines, solid state devices, logic gates, and terrorism awareness). I’ve been Meritoriously promoted to Lance Corporal from C school, and have already received a CerCom for being the top at NBC/MSD training. Right now, I’m just trying to be on point and show that I am motivated ( I am, I love being a Marine). After I finish these MCI’s, I’m gonna order two more, as you can have 100 points now. That, plus working on my PFT (my goal is 285 or better), I’m trying to get sent to Corporals course out here in Six months and get top of the class. Not sure if I get meritorious for that, but it will look good. Other than that, are there any other tips or advice that you can offer. Please note, I’m not on a power hungry quest, I feel I should work hard for corporal because one, well, I’m 28, and a mature 28 (I’ve seen some shit bags), work hard, have good leadership qualities, my MOS is locked up, has been for the last year, and well, I have to get it before the shitbags from my last school get it. And It’s a pride thing. well, i’m off, but I’ll use this as my log for the Academic journey to NCO.

I pulled Sgt. in 3 years as a grunt. The best I can tell you is to just be a good Marine. The promotions will come. I was fortunate to be promoted as quickly as I was. Not saying that I didn’t deserve it, but I know many of my junior Marines expected to “pick up” Corporal prior to their first deployment. This attitude alone pissed me off because it is expected by most that you should be promoted just because you’ve done your time as opposed to your leadership abilities.

I’ve seen a lot of fine Marines that didn’t see Cpl. until their 2nd enlistment and I’ve also seen a lot of shitbags get promoted faster than me. That which makes you a good Marine will likely not be seen by your superiors, but will be emulated by your subordinates.

If your MOS is locked up and you are hoping to find your promotion meritoriously then you’ve got an entirely different beast. I would never had stood a chance in a meritorious board as much of the knowledge needed is really not MOS specific. to this day I can draw the difference between a T-54 and a T-72 track in the sand and identify about 50 different types of armored vehicles from a distance but I can’t tell you women’s uniform regs or tell you drill or admin knowlege and that’s what you will mostly be asked.

What’s your PFT at? What are you pros and cons? Rifle score? Time in grade?


Btw… been to Roppongi lately?


Thank you for your reply. I know what you mean, about the wrong people being promoted, and I don’t want to come across as some one who just wants rank and not know his MOS. My TIG was just backdated to November, so if I did get Meritorious in 6 months, it’d only be two months early. Plus, I post this because I’m motivated, love the Corps, and love my MOS. I’m still learning so I want to take the time to learn it, pick Gunny’s brain, the Sgts and Cpls above me. I don’t want to get promoted before I know my MOS well enough. I also have some NCOs and Staff NCOs from my schools that told me to go for meritorious, so I kind of have to live up to their expectations, and I want to as they are exemplary Marines. My Rifle score sucks ass. I haven’t shot since boot camp (marksman). Now, I could blame it on being ITed for 30 min prior to the range, or it being raining, windy, and cold as shit, or on the fact that we only got two days to shoot prior, but in all actuallity, it’s my fault. But that sucks. My PFT is 235. Not great, but an improvement from the 165 out of boot camp, and I’m working on it. Pros and cons right now are 4.7/4.6, which is actually high for coming out of schools. It should only be 4.5/4.5, but I’ll take it.

Well, I may not make my goal, but setting the bar that high will keep me locked on. That is ultimately my goal. That and Sgt before my enlistment is up. :slight_smile:

I have even heard of the place you mentioned. I’ve only been here for about 6 weeks, but I have been to Kintai Bridge and Iwakuni Castle, Hiroshima peace park and Castle. And Miyajima. I haven’t been to Hiro to the clubs yet, but I probably will go sometime at least to check them out. I take it you were stationed out here? Where do you get stationed as grunts? Oki? Atsugi? Haven’t seen any here on the air station.

Yeah, you may have to drop the weights for a little while and just concentrate of PFT skills. I’ll assume you got all 100 situps because that’s almost a given in the fleet. Now, I’ve never run less than a 285 in my 4 years, but that is partially due to the fact that I’m 155lbs but mostly because I was extremely well prepared from day one of boot camp. My senior year in high school I bought one of those Navy Seal fitness books. I know it sounds cheesy, but I followed it to a T and was doing 30 pullups after 3 months.

Far as your Pros and Cons those are great. You really can’t expect much higher than that, even though that is command dependant. If you actually look at the scale for P&Cs then you’ll see how inflated they are. My best Marines would have 4.4/4.5s. That is actually really good. Most Marines don’t differentiate between proficiency and conduct and consider 4.5s average.

You can’t really bust yourself for the rifle score, it took me my 3rd try to hit expert. I’d been a pizza box till then as well.

Roppongi, ah yes. I was stationed for 2 7 month pumps in Camp Hansen on Okinawa and did 2 2-months at Camp Fuji along with a few weeks in Kyushu. I ran into The Offspring at a bar there as well as Cuba Gooding Jr. at a Denny’s. There was an officer at a bar there that was mouthing off to Tito Ortiz and got knocked out. I’m just glad I wasn’t at that bar because I’d hate to get beat up for sticking up for an officer that had it coming.