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to many vitamins

ok guys,
i am trying to eliminate some of these vitamins,not because of cost,they just keep me so damn bloated when i have to take so many…
so maybe you cam help
DURING CYCLE(creatine,fish oil,flaxseed oil,liverite,vit.c, coenzyme-q10,folic acid,juice plus(exp. multi vitamin) asprin
POST CYCLE same as above,but add l.glutimne,tribex,vitex…
as you can see i am very heart conscious, because heart disease runs in family, any advice would be helpful, i am sick of taking all this shit

Lose the Coenzyme-Q 10, juice plus (overpriced crap product), liverite (only needed if you know you have elevated liver enzymes), and DEFINITELY the aspirin if you are not DIRECTLY at risk for heart disease. If you do a search for aspirin, you’ll find that it drastically reduces protein synthesis. While it may be okay for someone who has previously had a heart attack, it is definitely not ideal for someone with bodybuilding/powerlifting (or other related) goals.