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To Many Supps First Thing in AM?

My breakfast consists of the following–
2/3 cup of oatmeal in bowl in microwave w tsp honey,
Blend 1 cup skim milk.
1 cup water.
1 tsp l-glutimine
1 scoop Biotest L-leucine(just started this week).
1 scoop Biotest Superfood(on a budjet).
1 1/2 scoop Grow!.

My question is this. Is this to many supps at once? ie:are some cancelling each other out? or in other words are they competing with each other.My logic is after sleeping my body is ready to absorb all it can.I weight 185lbs and my diet is pretty good.Any thoughts or opinions positive or negative would be appreiciated.Thanks.

It looks good to me, I did something similar. I try to get a 40/40/20 in the morning. (Carbs/protein/fat). I take leucine as well to boost the anabolic potential.

Your logic is good, your body is fasting while you sleep so getting started anabolicly big in the morning is very important. You have to get out of that catabolic state. Leucine and carbs do that trick. I’d only reccommend just a tad more protein. I read that in a Thibs article somewhere. I don’t think combining those particular supplements would negate anything.
I used to do everything you mentioned above.

Your good man.

I went through periods where I’d take a lot more then that.

Is that all??

Go ahead, add some Flameout to that.

Thanks for the input.I thought I was ok but it helps to check with with others. I did forget to put Flameout on the list.I’m also going to increase the grow to 2 full scoops as suggested by drizzt.Cheers.