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to many men?

Here was an interesting article are men stuff.

Here is an except: t is men, not women, who perceive that the number of men on the planet is vastly surplus to requirements; male-dominated human societies have always devised strategies for neutralising as many males as possible. Senior males have always seen clearly that if law and order were to prevail, the majority of men had to be controlled. The obvious way to control them was to draft them into armies under the command of senior males who had the power to kill them if they mutinied, and then to use those armies to dominate or annihilate the rest. Male-dominated societies are virtually all authoritarian and militaristic…

That window is closing. A tide of male supremacism has risen in the east and is streaming across the world, promising the restoration of virility and virtue, a pure and manly way of life exemplified in holy warfare. In response, the male supremos of the west can think of nothing but meeting destructive force with greater and more destructive force. Authoritarianism and militarism have returned; civil rights are in the process of suspension and the nurturing of the poor and needy, inadequate as it always was, is being abandoned.

Good call.

Masculinity is not at fault. The human heart is.

These feminists have it all wrong, though.

It isn't male supremacism at fault. It's the supremacism of one man, or few men, over everybody else.

I just love how they say that when women are in power, everything is perfect. Last time I checked, Queen Victoria lead the most cruel, bloodiest expansion of the Empire in all British history. "Morally superior" to men, my ass.