To Machine

Dude you took my thread too serious! That post was meant for a bottom feeder who sent me a little nasty e-mail after reading my article. Somehow he thought I was talking about him…literally. It takes a pretty insecure individual to do that,especially when that article wasn’t meant for anyone specific.
That individual blocked me from responding via e-amil( now thats a coward),but based on some of his comments it lead me to believe he had read some of the Renegade Forum stuff, so I decided to respond to him there.
In doing so I violated the first rule in memo writing(I suppose it pertains to forum posting as well), which is to never send a memo when your angry(or post when your pissed). It’s better to sit on it and later if you feel the same, then send it.
Well a day after posting the thread I realized I’d made a blunder, by taking some parasites comments too serious and responding in anger. I immediately apologized to Coach Davies,he understood and we agreed to delete the whole thing.
I made the thread as vague as possible in order not to violate the rules of the forum(bashing and attacking).
So chill brotha, no disrespect was intended, at you ,regular t-mag readers or the intelligent contributers to the forums,Timbo, Nate, Eric,Vain,Joel,etc.


Sorry for posting on here but been having trouble posting something is not right with the site . May be its my computer…? I would appreciate it if you did repost on the Dog Pound, but your choice,thanks.