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To Lower E: DIM Everyday or Arimidex 1mg/wk?

Would DIM every day be better for lowering E than…

Arimidex 1mg per week? Also would it be safer over the long term?

Not specifically sure about Arimidex, but calcium d-glucarate has been found to work about 20% better than tamoxifen.

I’ve had great results with the stack calcium d-glucarate, DIM, sulforaphane for lowering E. It is definitely much safer in the long haul. PM me if you want the exact details.

If DIM were as effective as arimidex at lowering estrogen, they would give it to cancer patients instead of adex…that should give you your answer…though if your E2 isn’t significantly elevated and you just watn to bring it down some, DIM is probably ok

I’ll let you know in a couple weeks. I’m taking DIM now. I know what my E2 levels are with no aromatase inhibitor. If E2 is in the 20s and T hasn’t tanked again, it worked for me. We’ll see.

Thanks guys. I figured I would ask.

I would like to have more information about DIM, Calcium D and Arimidex! Can the DIM/Cal be combined in a way so that I wont need Arimidex? I am currently on Test E 25mg EOD and Adex 0.25mg EOD (taken the day after T injection).


In terms of safety ofc DIM is safer it’s a natural derivative of broccoli plus has lots of other benefits on cleansing liver and digestive system.

Keep in mind it is NOT an aromatase inhibitor. DIM and CDG work to metabolize and expel CERTAIN types of estrogens primarily from the liver. Jarrow Formulas makes a good DIM+CDG product. Remember to up your water and fibre intake.

Again, it is NOT an aromatase inhibitor, it does not prevent T from converting to E. It helps the body to expel already existing E from the liver. Which in turn could be the treatment you’re really looking for. At the dose of T you’re taking most people wouldn’t even need E control… unless you’re super prone to.

Thans for the fast response!
I am now 4 weeks in on TRT and I feel good, but a little bloated.
I will do att test and find out my e2 level.

I currently take 200mg DIM + 500mg CDG every day and 0.25mg Aridmidex EOD.
Maybe I have to up Arimidex to 0.5mg ED.


Jesus dude. You are asking for problems.

There is an endo on here who stated that Low e2 exhibited bloat as a symptom more than it does for higher e2.

Id check E2 asap.

So I shall stay away from Arimidex for a few days?

I would throw the arimidex in the trash.

What is your testosterone protocol?

Why did you start controlling your e2? Did you have symptoms that’s made you start?

If not, and your just taking it, you could be doing yourself a hug disservice.

I take 25mg Test E EOD subq!
Maybe I dont need Arimidex at all. Maybe DIM and CDG will do the job.

Do you even have e2 issues is the real question. If you don’t, you are fucking yourself up.

Actually I dont (I imagined that my nipples was itchy but that could have been just me being paranoid). I will lay of the Arimidex for a few days and report back.

That’s the big red flag. Nipple itchiness. You can pretty much chill on other symptoms, they can be easily addressed.

Nipple itching means you need to address the dose/e2.

Gets labs.

I will go to the lab asap!
Maybe I was high on E2 and then crashed it with Arimidex!

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Not too long ago this board used to sing the praises of adex and it was standard protocol. But lately everyone seems to be trying to get away from it (“throw it in the trash”, etc). Why the sudden change?

Secondarily, do things like DIM work as consistently and reliably as adex? And can DIM (being a derivative of cruciferous vegetables) negatively affect the thyroid?

Bad personal experiences can sour the recommendations, we seem to have a lot of over-responders here. There are guys on anastrozole who have no negative symptoms, lucky bastards.

DIM took the edge off high E2 symptoms, but not enough to solve high E2 on it’s own. It’s more effective when E2 is only slightly out of range for you and has been known to increase libido for some who are in range that’s good for them.

Okay thanks systemlord,

For me personally, adex works at the expected dosages and is super consistent.

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The “standard protocol” didn’t take into account any prior labs. It just said, you should take 1mg of Arimidex for every 100mg of Test you take… “don’t worry about what your labs would look like without Arimidex” Basically saying, you need to take arimidex, even if you don’t know if you need it.