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To look like a Demigod (Aldebaran)


Everyone still super tired, the bars felt heavy and slow for all of us… Just did a dozen snatches and power at 70 kgs, but I was feeling weak and tired! I felt my right shoulder took a beating, slight pain, and I stopped. Tried to do some easier work afterwards but heh no juice anymore. Think it was the right thing because I think that with fatigue I would have ended up really hurting me.

So afterwards did some intro to street workout stuff with my mate, and he initiated us to handstand work, then some ring technique

Not bad for a heavy shoulderless man :stuck_out_tongue:

Anouncements from the Prime minister: curfew is now at 6 PM, sports forbidden in school, so I don’t know right now if we’ll be able to do our exam next week…

that’s really grim and annoying, most likely we are heading towards a new lockdown, and they are coming to it slowly :confused:

It was 17° today so I made a salad


Sounds like you’ll have to invest in a world-class training facility at your home and confer your degree upon yourself. I didn’t know things were worsening by that much in France.

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Most of Europe by the sounds of it. Certainly Britain is having a pretty rough time of it.

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To these eyes, it seems you are perhaps overdoing it a little bit? If you are going around feeling like that, perhaps it would benefit you to to cut out the extra workouts for a few days, giving you a chance to restitute a bit?

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Feeling better after a 9 hours night. Well, this is annoying, but I just hope I’ll be able to pass the exams next thursday. Then whatever. If I lose some muscle/strength for a few months, I’ll just gain it back later. Annoying, but’s the way it is.

Not that horrible here, but cases aren’t going down, and with the threat of new mutations…

I will go easy again today. Been reducing my cafeine a lot and upping a bit calories and I slept well yesterday. Soon it’ll be way easier, hopefully this new curfew will make me work a bit less at Maccy (undone hours are paid by the state, so the director, which is a cunt, makes the inefficient employees only work like 2 hours a week or even 0 for some! While the others do their full hours or even more! Yep, unfair. I’m the later, but she knows I have class, so we’ll see) and because of the virus I might be on forced holydays at the end of the month so I’ll have plenty of time to rest


Wow 6pm curfew!!! But , then again, I’ve been giving myself that curfew for like 8 years because I like to have my pjs on by then :relaxed:

Glad you got some sleep. I’m a real nutter without a good night’s sleep. Paranoid , negative, down about my workouts. Then that epic solid 9 or 10 hours and I have a whole new perspective.

Do you ever watch the Graham Norton show?
That question has nothing to do with anything, but I felt like asking .

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Funny how it is… Sleeping badly wrecks our T and other hormonal levels, so no wonder. I get super irritative, negative and less motivate/ a bit depressed

No, I have stopped watching TV entirely at least 10 years ago… Any recommandation on some of his stuff to watch?


  1. Mountaindog chest

A. Slight decline DB press 1 x 10 with 38 kgs, 1 x 10 + 6 with 38 and 27,5 kgs

B. Slight incline bench press 1 x 10 with 80 kgs, 1 x 8 with 85 kgs

C. Feet-elevated deep push-ups on plates, with double low contraction 3 x max

D. DB flyes with 15 iso hold at stretch post-fatigue 2 x 10 + 15"

  1. O-lifting

Clean and jerk work, then 20 reps with 70 kgs in EMOM

Nice to do some BB work, especially being 3 of us. i really ought to find a training partner when gyms are open. Way more motivating and helpful to push ourself through. Good feelings, my chest was so stretched and destroyed after the DB bench already!

Then some o-lift to get the feeling of the weight we gonna use. Good news, curfew and all won’t affect us, so thursday will be the day of truth! Let’s hope all of us manage to pass the exam.

Actually went out on friday (but you never sleep Aldebaran) it was cool! yesterday was very tired ahah but at least I managed to get to bed early and wake up early as well this morning and fresh. Incredible, at work, a girl gave me her number loooool! I have experienced what hot waitresses have! A surprise for sure. A girl had a crush on me friday as well, but I just talked and drakn with my buddy. TBH I have a huge crush on a girl and I’m kinda discarding other possibilities. This is stupid. Why has someone that I’ve never seen so much effect on me ahah?

Gonna enjoy this afternoon, study and do my homework! Good thing with this lockdown is that my McDonalds hours have been reduced drastically, I’ll have more time to study and relax

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Oh for fucks sake here we go

T Nations very own Red Shoe Diaries.

I don’t want to hear another thing mate until you’ve pummelled some vag :joy:


Done :joy:

I don’t think it won’t happen soon anyway, I deleted Tinder and whatever since I was almost never on them and was barely talking to my matches. Think sex drive is pretty low right now, we’ll see if things gets through with the one or I get over her loool anyway not in the mood!


Power initiation

A. Squat 2 x 6 with 90 kgs

B. Bench press + plyo push-ups 2 x 3 + 6 with 90 kgs

C. Pull-ups with 2 secs pause on concentric 2 x 6

D. French contrast Trap-bar deadlift + Broad jumps + DB jumps + Sprint 2 x 160 kgs and 12 kgs DBs

A little session to initiate the students to some power work and try different methods. It was fast so I proposed to do some French contrast at the end because I love it. Tried some complex I never tried, and well I have to practire my sprints loool (first sprint was horrible, second one still too much on heels also didn’t anticipate my slowing down and did a dent in the wall ahahah)

No pics but feeling a bit leaner



5 K

…or was it?

I ran the same marked path I always do, and Samsung said I ran only 4.58 kms, and Strava not even 4,4?? Something’s wrong, because I even ran 100 m more than the 5K. Either they were super imprecise tonight or they fucked something up with the marking ahahah

Time: 22:21 anyway so not too bad considering I had not ran in 3 weeks. My walves were killing me after 3 kms, lower back at first as well. Tried some new kind of warm-up, a more agressive one. Probably too much for getting used to it again? Or I didn’t waited enough as well? Did 12 mins slow/medium run then various lunges then balistic stretching then a few very progressive sprints

Anyway, in total I burned 650+ cals so that nice and it offsets my 1100 cals pizza from lunch hehe


The farther you get away from a perfectly straight line the farther off your gps devices will be. You should see how bad it gets butchered in the woods on a MTB or running.

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Oh so this makes sense… Running in the woods with a vary “snaky” path with some hard and frequent turns (not counting the roots and all ahahah) but last time it proved more accurate…

Cloud coverage and tree coverage and weather play a role as well. Tight turns and short switchbacks are the worst. With bikes we can attach a device to the front wheel to get an accurate reading, for running I’m not sure. I know you can buy shoes that have inserts for little computer chips in them, that might be more accurate :man_shrugging:

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Okay so all the bad conditions were there ahahah… I wanted to time myself and all, I was surprised by the results. Running the 5 K as indicated per the path (a beacon every 100m) is accurate to me enough, but I was just wondering!

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Today practical exam, with exercices chosen at random.

O-lift: got the snatch, which I was happy with. Failed the first try because I dropped the bar before the command! I was too much in my head. then, 2 easy reps. Well perhaps not as easy as they could have been because of stress ahah.

Then military press and front squat, easy.

Strained a bit my left shoulder. probably for the front squats. I cleaned the bar and kept a full grip the whole time, without warming-up. So It’s probably my long head biceps (remember I had elbows trouble not long ago). Or something in this area.

Anyway gonna rest today, and I’m treating myself with a barbecue chicken pizza, and chestnut ice cream! My calves are still dead anyway ahahah

This is a big relief in any case


Morning session

A. Squat 3 x 1 pure eccentric + 1 pure concentric x 4 + 6 drop jumps with 170 and 100 kgs

B. Bench press 3 x 1 pure eccentric + 1 pure concentric x 4 + 6 drop plyo push-ups with 130 and 80 kgs

Afternoon session

A. Half Cooper test

B. Alrand Test

C. Birthday WOD for 2 students of the class

AMRAP 24 minutes

200m run
25 push-ups
24 jumping lunges per leg
24 mountain climbers per leg
25 air squats

Alright. So my calves were already crippled from running like an idiot on tuesday (everything on the toes). The infamous 120/80 but an easier version here. It was still very, very tough. After the third set we were lying on the floor.

Being in apnea for 4-5" with supra max weights, then pure concentric, then all-out drop jumps… God damn we were in sweat! Really tough but cool. My ABS had to force like freaking hell. Really need to work on them I know. Almost shat myself for real.

Was already limping but I’m not a quitter. So, running in the cold. Then a Half Cooper (max distance for 6 minutes), then an Alrand (max distance for 3 minutes)… I really went all-out on the second test. I was dead.

Only bodyweight movements in the WOD but for sure my legs were toasted and the only thing I did unbroken were the first set of push-ups and mountain climbers. My legs were burning so much on lunges and squats. No juice left!

When I got out of the car I saw literraly doing 10 cms steps loool I feel like I’m 94 years old. Going to sleep like a rock tonight…I don’t know how many calories I’ve burned but damn…

Me dying during the jumping lunges


So gyms are open again? Didn’t they just close for the umpteenth time?

That sounds… unpleasant.

Nope! I did this in class, at my school. And actually we will probably go full lockdown again next week…

It was okay, but not with the whole day before… Seriously, lifting myself off my chair is a max effort right now

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Cooper Run is fuxking nasty. A bit like your taste in music mate