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To look like a Demigod (Aldebaran)

Can relate to the inclination so don’t feel bad

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I think we all get that. Especially with so much inspiration around you mate.

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Okay I’m going to kill the “I’m not good enough yet for that program” nonsense lol.
The point of the program is to get good, you don’t need to be good to start it my friend.

Lots of positional work has helped me a tonne

I used to just to a bunch of snatches or cleans and stop when I missed, now I’m doing powers, hangs, pauses, double pauses and triple pauses and now I can actually ‘feel’ positions

Highly recommended


I believe catalyst athletics have some free programs and I reckon that was where Donny shenkle trained

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Okay that makes sense ahahah

I like this! Where are you doing your pauses?

I read that CT when he actually says from the hang, for people who wants to get better at the o-lifts, he means going from the floor, then pausing under the knees for 1-2 secs, then doing the reps.

I’ll check that out!

On a snatch, pause just off the floor, just below the knee and then on receiving

Clean as above except instead of receiving it’s on the dip for the jerk


Think I missed the part where u said what this program is?

Guessing I meant some supertotal programs I saw on this site that looked yummy, had frequently 3RMs or more. Even the 2 CTs one I have have some.

But for now, no RMs, I’ll just use lighter weights. I’ll go to 90% and over when my technique is solid and repetitive, as the master himself said. For clean it is, not yet the rest

@kleinhound I have CT’s developmental program which has a lot of olifts and variation using various pauses and other stuff to improve the key positions in the lift. Very cool, I hit my best squat ever with this as well. But I feel perhaps I should do a few weeks of technique work beforehand. Then the other program is very interesting, using olifts variation to build muscle, and doing the olifts at the end of the session, so that you can’t use as much weight because of fatigue and rely on technique.


I’ve always understood this recommendation to apply to people not entirely intent on lifting full oly but still wants to incorporate it for exercising their power abilities. Also applicable when there’s no presence of a coach or the ability of the trainee to self-record.

It’s the other way around. An athlete interested in more power will focus on power variations done from the hang (only interested in power production). Problem is that when you lower the bar to your knees you’re not in the same position as if you were doing it from the floor

I thought that was what I said. At least that was my intent!

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Then I misunderstood! Gonna do some o-lifts to see where I am right now

Fuck me I can’t write, for the love of God ahahahah

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Here are a snatch at 60 kgs and a clean and jerk at 90 kgs.

So, doing the full lift feels VERY weird. And then, I’m so used to doing lifts from the hang, than doing them from the floor feels very weird as well, and I’m actually pretty sure I’m weaker lol.

Half the time during the snatch, I was focusing so much on the third pull, getting under the bar, that I was doing the second pull correctly, not enough power, the triple extension not completely finished.

Mistakes: weight was often on my toes and not the middle of my feet. Arms were soft once, which has also happened to me in the past on the jerk. The snatch in the video is actually the best one I did ahah. I failed one at 50 before that (bar was too much forward… probably because I was not focusing on pulling into me)

I have so many things to think about ahahah

On the clean I had no balls. I pulled with everything, so ofc I catched it high, but I didn’t have the balls this time to squat down afterwards. I need more time under the bar. Then the jerk. Okayish. But when I was doing it, I felt that my step was minuscule. barely moved my feet. In fact I did move it, but yeah I’m catching it a bit high ahah. My right leg and knee were not a big fan of this. Afterwards I could feel it in my left leg as : time to really do lunges and BSS.

Also I felt my core and lower back really working: time to do abs.


I think the snatch looked pretty good brother, maybe cover the bar a little longer before the third pull

The clean you’re spot on, you received it almost in front of you, and I reckon that’s why you couldn’t do the full squat clean, but you recovered it well.
The split was okay, but you rushed it (I do the same thing). I think if you focused on really planting your feet when you land the split, and sticking it for 2-3 seconds before fully standing it would feel a lot better. Everyone is always in a rush to go from the split to the stand :cowboy_hat_face:


Thank you friend. Yes this is my usual mistake. I focus so much on the catching part (lack of experience, and fear) that I don’t commit entirely to the lift.

I think this is what happened in the clean as well. You can see I started pulling up when the bar was barely over my knees, so low!

For the jerk, I was super fast to recover this time because it was super hard ahahah! I catched it too high I think and balance wasn’t 100%! It really felt like I had barely moved my legs, like I did not have the time to move them where I needed to, you know? Because the weight was heavier. it was just instinct, to recover this fast. When I do these lifts I’m almost in auto mode, I can only think about one thing (the one I will try to focus more for now is to pull inside me at all time)

80Kgs was really a piece of cake though

I have no idea about weightlifting so looks good to me

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The back curvature you keep during the Snatch is something I only see in Instagram babes. Maybe it’s a morphology thing but I think it’s no bueno. If I were you I’d post a form check in CTs forum. He likes you well enough to reply!

Watched several times and it’s hard to judge. Back seems quite flat when I pause. But yeah I have a bit of APT + big ass. APT have been slightly developping during lockdown etc. I really need to do more abs again. And I have been doing a lot of erectors work lately, and little stretching

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No need to bother him for now, I just need to practice ahah.

Here’s an aproximate history of my training workouts. List is in order from older to newer, but there are probably some stuff I forgot, or switched the order, + extra fluff weeks:
• Arnold split
• Bro split
• The complete power look
• 915
• The complete power look
• Coan - Philippi deadlift routine
• Dave Tate’s bench press cure
• Look like a bodybuilder, perform like an athlete 2x
• Look like a bodybuilder, perform like an athlete
• The best damn plan for natural (3 times and more sprinkled around since this)
• program for strength and athleticism
• Thibarmy 2A program
• Conjugate bodybuilding
• CrossFit + Omni-contraction
• Various work with CT
• Best damn
• Developmental olympic program
• My own programing
• Best damn during lockdown
• Project Colossus
• Conjugate bodybuilding


I don’t see any lengthier dedications to pure strength training TBH. Your definitions may disagree.