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To look like a Demigod (Aldebaran)

No. But I’ve already received that gift on both knees I don’t want another lesson :joy:

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So my left knee is OK :pray:

Phew that’s a big relief. Meniscus and ligament are fine. I have some arthrosis from the old surgery.

Still doing Gamma Bomb this week (4) Volume is creeping up like that chest session was intense (4+ sets of everything!). Is it too much for a natty or am I a pussy?

I think I’m just a bit cautious because of the 2h30 nightmarish sessions from the previous program. But these are way faster and I eat like a pig so no problemo here.

I’m very tired these times but it’s probably because of outside factors (was a bit bummed with these knees and girl stories) but that’s okay.

This monday I’m going at it HARD. Until the surgery. Fat loss, 2600 cals, 4 strength sessions (going Conjugate with a bias towards fighter exercoses), 3 cardio sessions and 2 boxing. MOTIVATED!

Got a client to coach until april at least. He’s preparing WORLD championship in Jet-ski! That’s going to be exciting! I’ll keep you posted about how it’s going, and will resume logging since this won’t be someone else paying program.

Here are pics from these last few days. I’m 92 kgs. But not looking too bad for a blurrier me! Aiming to be shredded this summer (83 I think)


Max effort lower

A. Zercher Box Squat
1 x 3 with 140 kgs
1 x 8 with 110 kgs

B. Rack Pull
3 x 5 with 170 kgs

Wall Ball
KB Swing
No Push-up Burpees

D. 100 Russian Twist with 9 kgs Ball

Nice workout. Tried not to destroy myself. The zercher was tough, the rack was lighter than what I usually do, but in both cases I didn’t felt spent, with deteriorating technique or RPE 10. And I could still feel it working

Ooof the wod was stingy at first ahahah but that’s precisely why I do cardio right now

On the fat loss journey, 2500 cals. trying to get my 12 000 steps but it’s gonna be hard today I’m very busy