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To look like a Demigod (Aldebaran)

Glad to know you’re hanging in there.

That’s the story of life, my friend. You, me, and everyone else—we all just have to keep working at it!


Ah just wait till you’re over 40 and do this… wiped me out a few weekends ago for a good 30+ hours…

Focus on the demigod mate, ebbs and flows. Your physique is uber impressive, it’s gonna be tough to chisel extra abs onto a ripped frame!

Maintenance is not moving backwards either.

Meditation in there can help too. You got this!


Thanks mate. It’s better today.

Got some more clients request today.

What have been stressing me the most is money (feels like it’s been like this my whole life :joy: )

I still don’t have my benefits. Only got 120€ from them and FINALLY next month I’ll get them…

But it’s not the end of the world, and annoying shit will always happen. Let’s get focused and try ahrder and work.

Since I’m creating my business I think i’m gonna go with 10 000€ upfront instead of 800€ per month (which can be lowered depending of what money I earn and I declare).

It would allow me to pay for mics, photoshoots, branding etc and then I’ll have to manage my money properly.

Decided I would focus more on social media and put out more content in general. I have many ideas, it’s time to do them. Like I have been inspired by @ChongLordUno progress. I am not in the same market really, but he does the work, and he reaps the rewards.

I am doing my 12 K and I’m seeing fast improvement. Now elss shit, no alcohol, more sleep and let’s do this.


Really appreciate the kind words my man

This week work. Not gonna say much. Just will be doing the work from now on, and tell about it when I’ll have done it. Less words, more action.

1RMs fails on the olifts:

80 snatch

105 C&J

At least it’s legal in Crossfit lol so then it’s a PR, and at least a full clean PR

A cleaner 100

Bench: 9 reps at 100 kgs. Very happy with this. I should have used 102 though so I’m just gonna count 8 reps. it’s calculated off 120, which I only did once. last time I tried I failed. So yearh, progress here.

Squat: 6 at 130, but I could have done more (sorry I can’t film lol)

Should have used 132 here as well

Was a lot in my head on the first 3 reps, then I felt better and let it go

Deadlift 175 x 5 (PR)

No sign of back roundness. Very happy.

Makes me confident that I can still progress… In spite of all my flaws, the worst drinking night in 6 years and all. So yeah, I want to forgive myself. I also want to give myself a proper chance now and be more serious and see what I can accomplish


That snatch was so close, I was tensing up right with you at the end there!

Really nice work here my man!

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Monday’s bench, 100 x 9, this is a PR.

It was a gruesome 2h30 session, now that the training amxes have increased, but it was good!

But yesterday man. A bit collapsing mentally (probably because of lack of recovery from these weekends an all) and I even failed one snatch at 60. I was feeling very unstable globally, been feeling it for a couple week. Cleans were even worse.

My right knee popped last week during one of the heaviest cleans and it was a bit painful for 2 mins.

It did it again a couple times yesterday, although not as strongly or painfully. I filmed a set afterwards and my knees were fine and it didn’t do it.

But today my knee feels “tired”. And I don’t want an injury.

I think that being on this program, with zero unilateral work has just amplified my weaknesses. I feel super unstable in my knee, hips, shoudlers and a bit core.

Can’t do single-leg rdls without having to reset balance.

So I think I’m gonna cut the o-lifting work and replace it with unilateral work (BSS, single-leg RDL, lunges, bosu work), shoulder work (turkish get-ups, HBT press and carries, rotators) and core work (suitcase carry, walking storks, deadbugs and other delicacies).

It’s not sexy and I don’t really like it, but I feel like I need it. I don’t want to injure myself, and I want to keep getting better.

But just piling strength upon strength on something unstable won’t work in the long run.


Mate, couple of things:

A) Those looked good and you probably had a few more in you
B) You only did 6 reps in that video =)

I will just assume you uploaded the wrong video.

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Yeah thanks that’s from my 3x6 ahah wrong video!

I thought I had filmed the set but nope. Anyways: yesterday’s session.

A. Bench Press 3 x 5 with 100 kgs

B. DB Bench Press 4 x 8 with 36 kgs DBs

C. Squat 3 x 6 with 125 kgs

D. Glute Bridge + BSS 3 x 10 + 10 with 140 and 30 kgs

E. DB Flyes + DB One Leg RDL 3 x 12 + 10 with 14 and 20 kgs DBs

So this took like 2h30. I spent a long-time warming-up. Stuff like McGills big 3 and all. And yeah, my hammies are in a bad spot right now.

It was tough, especially the squat. I stayed light on the exercices afterwards for I had not done them in a while.

But I don’t know, I felt good.

Though since the session, my left shoulder is painful. It happens after very tough squatting, always. But I’m high-bar, and my elbows are low :pensive:

Probably my chest and shoulders were super tight and and I pull too hard when it gets hard

Vid of 2nd set

Today, just rest… But despite the aches I’m happy for my quads are now 65 cms

Also I have been taking pics in another style recently.


Getting me all hot and bothered with those modelling pics, my guy. Total babe.

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Would smash 8/11

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+1 to the above

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You look just like Daniel Craig in the final scene of “Layer Cake.”

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Thanks guys, this is a cool compliment! And it’s a great movie ahah.

Just trying, and being more confident in my skin. I just felt like trying to take pics and own it. Like the first pic, I had just parked and was about to go shopping



A. Deadlift 3 x 5 with 165 kgs

B. Seal Rows with 26 kgs DBs + Back Extension 3 x 10 + 12

C. Lucy
5 Pull-up
10 Burpees
400 m run
5 rounds

Nice session. Felt hard but easy at the same time? My body was, and still is a hot mess of soreness. And now my lower back is sore too ahah

Not going out, no alcohol tonight either



A. Squat 3 x 4 with 135 kgs

B. Paused Front Squat 3 x 3 with 100 kgs

C. Bench 4 x 5 with 105 kgs, 2 x 8 with 90 kgs

D. Reverse-grip Bench 4 x 6 with 75 kgs

E. Pull-ups 3 x 6 with 15-20 kgs

D. Seated Curls + Triceps Pushdown 3 x 10

2h30 of hell. Spend a long time warming-up for I was in a mess. Today I feel better. After this session I got a headache and was tired AF, but impossible to sleep. i’m guessing this was too much volume and intensity for me.

Looks easy. Isn’t. last rep better, because I just “let go” in my head. I’m just too much in my head.

Knees felt better afterwards. During the front squats though they were popping and creaking like hell.

Shoulders are a bit messy (and left triceps, the long-head is done).

I’m think I should probably do a whole week of deload next week. No gym. And start something else since I won’t do olifting anyway.

So I was thinking, today easy work. Friday 2 x 4 at 70%, 1 x 2 at 80% on the big three lifts. Monday test 1 RM on the big 3, then full deload till next monday, when i’ll attack the Unity.

What do you think? Or perhaps I should just do something like 1 x 90% (from my old TM that is) just to feel at least once this heavy weight?

So something like 1 x 140 squat, 1 x 110 bench, 1 x 185 dead.

Aiming to do these attempts next monday:

• Squat: 140, 150, 160 (PR)

• Bench: 115, 124 (PR), 128 (PR)

• Dead: 195, 210 (PR)

What do you think of this @simo74 my powerlifter friend?


If I was doing a last training session on Friday prior to a test on Monday. I would just work up a single at the opening weight for squat and bench. And then a couple sets of doubles at 90% of that single. I wouldn’t do any deadlift 3 days before.

Based on your numbers this would look like:
Warm up to a single at 140, then 2 x 2 at 125. Every rep should be treated as a top single. Strong brace, super tight under the bar, proper depth.
Warm up to a single at 115, then 2 x 2 at 100 or 105. Same comments as squat every rep like a max.


Alright, thank you! I’ll do as you said :smiley:

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