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To look like a Demigod (Aldebaran)

Thank you guys. It’s hard not to feel somehow something’s wrong with me, or it’s my fault or something, even though people told me I’ve been perfect all the time and it’s just that she couldn’t appreciate me for my worth.

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Nothing stupid about feelings.

Understanding them, and why you feel them will be a much better way to allow yourself to move on and process them

Feelings of love happen at different speeds for different people. There’s no science to it.


I’m glad you’ve been sticking to the phase one of the supertraining program. It might seem a bit boring but it’s a long term investment

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It’s okay, I almost enjoy the boring cardio now, and my heart is better. I have decided I’ll be doing more cardio now, with you as a role model

Did you really take a full week off on week 5?


I did not :rofl:

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Fault is such an ugly word. Such a black and white, binary word with all sorts of undertones of failure and a lack of virtue. The reality is usually just that people are not suited for each other at any particular time. There doesn’t have to be fault, blame, moral judgements or value judgements attached to it.

I think you should allow yourself to grieve, but don’t allow yourself to blame.


You’ve got some phenomenal scenery around you on those hikes man, pretty stunning stuff.

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I’d suggest do things for you, not the ladies.

You’ll be beating them off with a stick after they see what you can bring to the table.


Sorry to hear about the break up, dude. It sounds like it’s for the best in the long run, although it sucks right now.

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Yeah I try to as much as possible. But… Love is about giving, right?

I still trained yesterday, despite the lack of sleep and everything. I was a bit weak on my right side, and lacked power and strength, but the bar path wasn’t too bad!

16/09 - Supertotal 12

A. Muscle Snatch 2 x 3 with 40 kgs

B. Power Snatch + OVH Squat 3 x 1 with 55 kgs

C. Snatch Pull + Snatch 4 x 1 with 60 kgs

D. Hang Snatch + Paused Snatch 4 x 1 with 65 kgs

E. Snatch 3 x 1 with 70 kgs

One of my snatches, second one I think.I’m slow and all but considering everything, my CNS was fried by the lack of sleep, stress and emotional turmoil.

Then I did the cross training classes. Always a bit stressful at first because you don’t know if people are going to enjoy the things you prepared!

But I think it went really well, especially with the second group. First one they were 12, second 6, so I spent more time on their deadlift technique and they were very happy with the weight they were able to use, something they never thought they could, and their technique wasn’t bad at all! It was cool to see them being more confident and strong

Stuff was very simple, one cardio block, and the WOD was a 10’ AMRAP of 5 heavy deadlifts, 10 push-ups with a partner (one was doing this and when he finished, the other started)

So it was cool!

Today I ran for 40 mins in the neighbourhood, not the best experience for my knees but it was okay.

Thanks for all the messages guys. Yesterday I had a good cry and was physically and emotionally shaken, but indeed this is not the end of the world. I have many many things to live for! I’ll get better soon enough


A gentle reminder on programming in some ‘me time’ and some mediation, breathing exercises.

You got this!!!

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Sooo this week-end was very eventful. A final goodbye to the summer let’s say.

My friends organized some evening because I was sad. I had not much desire to go, but I couldn’t say no. Spent all friday and saturday, whole nights and days in clubs and at a festival (Jesus Sven Väth’s set proved amazing once again, but I changed my phone and forgot to note down all the good songs I had Shazamed :’( )

I also caught a very bad cold. lack of sleep and rain. So I was very tired and weak. I still trained yesterday, but afterwards I felt robbed of all energy and went to bed immediatly.

21/09 - Supertotal 17

A. Squat 3 x 5 with 115 kgs

B. Front Squat 3 x 5 with 85 kgs

C. Bench Press 2 x 8 with 85 kgs, 2 x 12 with 70 kgs

D. Reverse-Grip Bench Press 2 x 8 with 70 kgs

E. Pull-ups 3 x 10

F. Seated DB Curls + Triceps pushdown 3 x 15

Squats were really fine. Front squats were absurdly easy appart from the bar scraping my already hyper painful throat

The reverse bench press was interesting. Crazy chest feeling. But horrible for the wrist and strictly impossible to derack without a mate lol

Weirdly enough, I had a really GREAT pump!

I feel way better. I don’t know, I feel free. The stress, pain, and obsession I had is gone. It was the moment it was over. No matter how much I loved her or anything, it’s better this way. It was more pain than anything.

Today second session

22/9 - Supertotal 18

A. Paused Snatch 3 x 2 with 55 kgs

B. Paused Clean and Paused Jerk 3 x 2 with 70 kgs

C. Snatch Balance 3 x 3 with 55 kgs

D. Push Press 4 x 5 with 60 kgs

E. Snatch High Pull 3 x 4 with 75 kgs

F. Clean Pull 3 x 4 with 95 kgs

D. Bird Dog Plank 3 x ???

I was soaked. The weights were mostly lights but it’s still a great workout.

I really need the snatch balance for my shoulder stability.

Cleans at 70 kgs just feel ridiculous

I really suck at bird dog planks ahahah

Two hot girls were 1 meter in front of me doing their stuff for 30 min. It wasn’t easy to focus lol

I’m going to have more time to myself now. No party till Halloween (and hopefully no more sickness!). Projects are coming along nicely. Excited for work.


demigod focus time sir.