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To look like a Demigod (Aldebaran)

In 20 mins, it honestly felt good and almost easy today, I was eager for more reps

Be :sunglasses: (cool) bro!

Oh yeah that’s totally me, Smooth McCool :joy:

First let’s meet her, the ball is in her court


5 Rounds
15 cal assault bike
10 burpees

I had not prepared to train, but decided to still do some cardio. It was tough as balls, the assault bike was very hard


Did the Cross class with one of my tutors lol, it was hell

Sit-ups + Ball throw

Mountain climber

KB swings
Inverted row

Fitness Side Lunges on step or whatever
Reverse Lunges

Box jumps + squats

4 rounds

It was on the format 40 secs on / 10 secs off. Of course like an idiot I went super hard at it first. Like 45 push-ups the first round. I quickly diminished my reps. It was really super tough ahahah. It gave me a headache that I still have now

30 mins later:

A. Low Cable Row 1 x 10, 1 x 10 + 8 + 6 with 90 kgs and drop set

B. Deadlift 20 x 1 with 160 kgs

C. Pull-over + Pull-ups 2 x 10 + 10 with 32 kgs

D. Pull-ups + Pull-over 2 x 10 + 10 with 28 kgs

E. Pinwheel Curls 2 x 12 with 12 kgs

F. Incline Curl 2 x 10 with 12 kgs

It was okay but obivoulsy I wasn’t the most energetic then. Quite tired today. 9-20 are long days. Especially when my boss at McDonald’s makes me finish at 23h30 :sweat:

Anyway, the internship is great, I’m learning a lot. No time to get bored!

At 7 PM I was training simultaneously 3 different people, have to improvise session on the spot for different purposes, and show them the movements and correct them.

You gotta be able to adapt, know many exercises, be good, clear and quick with the cues and all.

It’s nice. Also fun, people really are eager for the most part for guidance and are thankful. It’s pelasant talking to some of them or cracking jokes ahah.

It feels weird. At my other job some customers think I’m just a doormat, here people think I’m a super hero with the wits and knowledge of Odin.

It’s tough and challenging but I enjoy it, and the staff is really cool and they are very qualified and passioned


Honestly man, I am still laughing at the sight of your pain ridden face doing those burpees

200 next time champ

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The assault bike is harder than it looks

Well yes, that’s the point pushing yourself hard! So I’m glad you didn’t see my face in the most atrocious things I did :joy:


11/06 - Odysseus - Push 2 - Week 3

A. High-Cable Reverse Flys - 2 x 15 + 5 partials with 15 kgs

B. Military Press 16 x 1 with 68 kgs

C. DB Bench 1 x 7 with 42, 1 x 10 + 6 +6 with 38 + 30 + 22

D. Dips 2 x max

E. Machine Flys 2 x 15 + 20 secs iso stretch with 30 kgs

F. V-Bar Pushdowns 2 x 15 with 50 kgs

Not really the best session ever because they misarranged the planing so I was alone holding the fort! It was formative for sure, But I couldn’t eat, so I had to eat at my break at 2PM, then train instantly quickly, then eat my second meal before 4PM and the end of the break

But I’m quite satisfied with the military press really. These many sets really are great, it gives many opportunity to work on the technique, slightly tweak it and all. Nice pump also

Not much to say, getting used to the 11 hours day ahah. But I really am fed with McDo lol. i asked her for my sunday two weeks ago, she took my paper and said yes. Now I see I work from 8 AM to 6 PM, then the following days I work up to 11:30PM. F*** off she knows I’m leaving soon so she’s making the most of it by making me do many hours overtime (she usually cannot because then she would have to increase my contract by law or pay me way more)

But no, i’ll just tell her today that i’ll be coming tomorrow 8 to 11, like I said I could come in the morning, then leave. I just don’t care anymore, I don’t want to be a doormat anymore, I need to be more assertive and stand up for myself more


Exactly mate

Embrace the awkward

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Theres a deep truth here. I’m not sure how to express it. And I need to flesh it out and apply it to my own life better.

But lean in to this! In your new life, you ARE a super hero with the knowledge and wits of Odin.
BE that. Never tell them “oh, I’m just a nice guy who used to work at McDonald’s”. Make them feel your POWER.

I let one of my employees ride in the front seat the other day while I rode in the back with the intern. Was trying to be nice and respectful (employee older than me). But maybe that was a mistake. I need to be Odin.

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Well indeed you’re totally right there.

And for sure my man you are, you are the boss! If anything, it’s probably more boss-y to be in the back, like rich people with drivers!

How to express it? I don’t know, but seeing as you’re a boss, you certainly did what you had to do to get here. It took risks, hard work, courage and an iron will. No one can take that away from you. It is not an easy path being self-employed, but you took that path because you wanted more, and this is great.

You really seem like a genuine, good person. perhaps too much? Perhaps you have been too agreeable? I certainly know I have, all my life. But I guess it takes some sort of disagreeableness being a boss, for the sake fo the company. You have to work for your interests. I am working on that.

Now to that with women ahahah! I’m trying right now, but not seriously. I don’t care that much right now. I work on myself, anyway I can, because I want more for myself. I’m super demanding because I feel I need a bit more work on myself to be the kind of guy to be with the kind of girls I want.

Anyway, this Odin thing is funny (I’m rambling ahah but after this 70 hours week this is the first evening I have to actually enjoy and spend time writing and reading here), it was one of the surnames I was given in my life. Most of the surnames I was given were because of my intelligence, during my studies, like Malcolm (in the middle), Wikipedia or Jimmy Neutron lol

But this one was for something else (although Odin is very very clever). When I was playing american football there was a player nicknamed “tHor” in my team. he was older (almost 40), a defensive end, and we would call him like that because he would hit you super fast and ahrd like a lightning strike. But after a few years of training my ass off, going to the gym etc I became even better. I was one of the lightest linemen in the championship (95 kgs at the weight which I was the best) and I was a freaking nose tackle lol
Anyway then the teammates called me “Odin”. I think I should inspire from this God as well, for he his cunning and deceiving. Not it the sense that I want to hurt people or something, but he’s not affraid to do whatever to get what he wants. And that I should be less agreeable and think about myself more

Yes, I have been avoiding conflict for too long far too often. Instead of wallowing now I have my day tomorrow and I shall enjoy a cocktail on the side of a pool :sunglasses:

12/06 - Odysseus - Back and Legs - Week 3

A. Seal Row 1 x 10 + 8 + 6 with 32, 24, 16 kgs

B. Rower 1000m in 3:29

C. Pull-ups 3 x 3 with 20 kgs

D. Leg Curl 1 x 10, 1 x 10 + 10 partials

E. Leg Extension 1 x 25 with 10-12 RM (85 kgs)

F. Hack Squat Wide 5 clusters with 5 secs rest at top with 12 RM (80 kgs)

G. Seated Calves 2 x 20 + 10 partials + 10 reps drop set with 30 kgs

Well there was a rower in the middle of the gym and the coach (my colleague) was making people do 1000m for whatever reasons so of course since I’m competitive I tried it! It was very tough but I could have gone faster for sure. I think I was quite traumatized by the last 2000m I did, and I should have pushed harder, but still a great effort! So I decided to do 3x3 at 80% on the pull-ups and do the sets at 90% newt week instead of the deloading.

Session was on the easy side globally, but the hack squat set was very very tough ahah


Just my 2c here: I flat out don’t like powerplays like this and I, for one, would have a lower opinion of any boss who tried them. We’re all different, so don’t take my n=1 observation as gospel but these things won’t work for everyone.


I don’t want to be “that guy”, but I think nickname is the word you want here. Surname would be your family name.

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No thank you for pointing that out, the worse is that I know it lol. I most likely got confused because in French “nickname” is “surnom” which looks like “surname”

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Just to clarify, are you saying you don’t like this:

Or you don’t like the boss asserting power by purposefully riding up front?

Thanks man. It really did.

Possible that self-employed has a different connotation there, but here it means owning your own company. I do have a small side business but my “boss” job is a leadership role at a large firm that I definitely don’t own!

I truly admire your mastery of multiple languages BTW.

This part. Asserting power and belittling people is a dick move. Depending on what line of business you are in, you should empower people. It will lead to good moral. There are exceptions, sometimes when dealing with unskilled labor, it may be best to remind them who is in charge. Of course, people that need that kind of treatment shouldn’t be working for you.


This one but it’s very specific to the context. To be a boss/leader, you need to establish the ground rules and expectations. You start off tough and don’t give them any slack. After people understand what’s expected of them and do what is required of them then you can let up a bit.

Moves like letting someone ride up front are nice gestures but only if you’ve established the correct environment first.


This one.

Yeah that’s exactly what I mean, I learned this “saying” a few weeks ago from an American.

I honestly believe everyone should speak English at least… otherwise you’re closed to the world and miss so much knowledge and opportunities…

I’m with @Frank_C on this one. I work an unskilled labor (McDonald’s). Monkeys could do this job. Well it’s not even true for some people are let off.

But even then, it is like Modern Times, if you have a bit of brains it’s easy as fuck. And I’ve been doing this for 3 years. Nothing irked me more than when a manager who sometimes had been here less than me use to come check on me every fucking ten minutes. If you chose me for this specific position (we vary all the time, among those who are qualified, and I know how to do everything literally more than some managers) then let me do my fucking work! If you don’t trust me then put me on another position or fire me! Ugh! I have 2 college degrees I know how to fucking clean the toilets and do stuff I’ve done it dozens, hundreds of times.

Fortunately they let me be now


McDonald’s employment must be drastically different over there. You do not fit the typical employee profile for our standards.

And just to be clear, you’re way above our folks.