To lock or not to lock

Is it proper to lock out joints or especially knees when doing squats, DL, etc.?

I always thought it was a total no-no, but from some of the photos and video clips I have seen from the forum it seems like there is some locking going on.

If you’re powerlifting, I’m pretty sure that lock-out is required before a lift is judged to be “complete”. So you would want to train that way.

On the other hand, if you’re bbing then it can be beneficial to keep constant tension on the muscle. Just depends on what you’re going for.

Yes, in a powerlifting meet you will not get credit for a squat or deadlift without locking out the knees. In the squat you must begin with the knees locked as well.

Always lock.

Thanks for the responses. My football coaches always said locking out was bad for joints.

If I knew then what I know now (diet, training, etc.) it would have been interesting…might have even played…JK.