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To load or not to load

Salmon oil that is. I quit flax oil 4 months ago after taking it for 7 years. So it’s been 4 months now since I’ve gotten consistent high levels of omega-3 sources on a daily basis. Anyways…I’ve been taking 6-9 grams of combined EFA/DHA salmon oil as of last week. I have been taking 20-30 caps a night right before I go to bed so they can be used for repair instead of energy. John B didn’t specify loading and that has come up here on and off recently. Salmon oil + carbs that is for the first two weeks. Suposedly the insulin realease forces the omega-3’s into the cells.

Now that I’ve been popping these for a week should I even bother or just continue to take them at night?

Would high GI carbs be better for the loading phase?


There is no need to load it with carbs. You can take with meals during the day or your last meal or right before you go to bed.

Hi, RF. I agree with ONEXBRIT, no need to load. In fact it’s better that you NOT load. Consistency in this case is more important than loading.

In fact, my preference is to take EFAs (flax & EPA/DHA) with protein. An insulin spike is going to cause your EFAs to be STORED in the fat cells, not utilized for repair. You want your EFAs to be integrated into cell membranes, nerve celss and used for the creation of hormones. An insulin spike in this case is counterproductive.