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to Ko, Patricia and others with martial arts experience

“Most fights end on the ground”…Ah yes the favorite saying of…1 People who teach ground fighting…2 people who take ground fighting. “What you gonna do when the fight goes to the ground”. Well to be honest, even way back then i thought a great deal about this. As soon as the fight started toward the ground i would simply take my right thumb and jam it into their right eye. I’m not talkin about a little pokey here either. Im talkin about being knuckle deep in their eye socket. 2 people from my home town have been accidently killed in minor scuffles. I dont intend to let that happen to me. I’ve also grabbed a guy around the throat and choked him slap out. I squeezed so hard all the capillaries in his face busted and he had about a thousand splotches on his face for about 2 weeks. Would i feel bad about blinding someones right eye for the rest of there lives??? Absolutley not!! They should have walked away.

The idea that you could simply step out of the way of a shooting wrestler, is comical at best, and shows the quailty of your advesaries. I am primarily a standup fighter, but now gaining ground experience, and your post is well, ridiculous. You would not last a minute with the guys i train with, rules or not.

Baby Faced Assassin: I think Patricia is right. I need to build by way up, and going with no gloves or with minimal padding, to start with, would prolly just bust my hands up unnecessarily. I appreciate your info on this though.

I’m looking to cross-train in a stand-up style and a grappling style to get the best of both world. When it comes to MMA, you need to know both. I’m not really concerned with the issue of what style is the best on the street - only in the ring. On the street, I’d avoid confrontation at all cost. If I wanted to be a bad mofo on the street, I’d ask the local thugs for fighting advice or carry a weapon ;-].


Tell ya what KO, and others. If T-mag will find a central location, I’d be more than happy to take on all challengers. Kind of a friendly T-man rumble. As im only a lowly police man, i cant afford to fly anywhere but would be more than happy to drive. I’ll stand against any man thats wants to go. It’s stupid to argue about it online. I cant fight in tough man comps because i was licensed but i been itchin to fight again. Everybody wins!!! What do ya say???

I have a pair of Hunter MMA gloves they are open palm and seem very durable, Ouano and Harbinger gloves are good as well. I’m a big MMA fan and the fighters that have the most success train a combo of Muay Thai/Boxing/BJJ and wrestling see which one of those you like the most or have the most natural ability for and go from there. Good luck, outlaw.

Baby face - apply to an event and fight instead of bs internet challenges. You’ll get paid and if you’re right you should have no trouble winning some pretty good coin. I’d love to fight you if you’re in my weight division (-185) but first you’d have to convice the promoters that you’d be worthwhile as a competitor. I’m always looking for an easy payday so you don’t have to convince me. Try contacting the Maximum Fighting Championships (maximumfc.com) - they’ll let you in if you tell them you want me:).

Outlaw: I see. I have already ordered the Harbinger’s (the shipment is a bit delayed though) and I have also ordered handwraps and a pair of Hayashi boxing gloves.

Untill further I’ll concentrate on the boxing, but as soon I have the time, (too many school project the next half year) I’ll sign up at the local Judo club.

Baby Faced Assassin and geoff: I think it’s fine that you use the forum for setting up fights (challenges), but I wouldn’t like this thread to turn into a pissing contest :).

I’m not really trying to set-up a fight. Just trying to get him to not make the infamous “internet challenge.” It’s silly and an easy way of trying to get out of debating when you start losing.

The fact that Ko has lots of striking experience which doesn’t jive with BFA’s tends to throw BFA’s assertions out the door (I’ve got a bit striking myself and I’m pretty sure Braswell does as well and I’m rather sure our experience is similar to Ko’s). BFA has only his experience against admittedly weak competition compared to a person like Ko who has tons of experience with a variety of combat styles. When BFA can no longer use his “experience” as a way to show his authority in this debate he must resort to ye olde internet challenge match which never seems to take place. Of course, if he does contact Maximum…

  1. The people i have fought were not “weak”. I’ve chopped down guys that beat the piss out of just about everybody. Also. this ins’nt a B.s internet challenge. Im not kidding. Wanna go to t-mag head quarters and find out how much experiance you have. Fine. I made the challenge and if your too scared to accept then you lose all right to talk shit. Period. Call it b.s if ya want but at least im willin to put up or shut up. The last thing i need is some typing toughguy claiming he’s the man.
  1. I’m not the man. I train with guys who are close enough to being the “man” that I know I’m not. 2) If I fight mixed martial arts I will get paid. T-mag headquarters doesn’t pay and would be completely illegal. If I fight it will be in a professional event - not a backyard. If half of what you say is true you should have no problem entering a legit event (the MFC which I included a link to has been on PPV in Canada 2x this year) and winning vs me or anyone else. Put up or shut-up - why don’t you call the MFC.

    IMO you’re trolling and doing a relatively good job (except I had trouble believing a cop would give an open invitation for a streetfight). The classic striker vs grappler argument (except that I’m a grappler and a striker) with the necessary internet threats and no way of tracking you. Good work if that’s the case, otherwise you need to get out more.

A street fight?? Millions of people spar everyday. Little jumpy arent ya???

geoff: haven’t bothered to reply to BFA, since you’re doin such a fine job! I think both Ko and I are done with this hack and you’re showing waaaay more patience in your replies than I ever could.

At least tell me what region within say…300 miles ya live so i can figure out the trip. Theres nothing illegel about fighting with gloves on. It’s also a well known fact that i am a cop and have been interviewed by t-mag. The money shouldnt matter. Do you no how much i’d be losing just making the trip up there?? Its not about money ,its about love of sport. Your assumption that im making threats is insane. Go back and re-read my post. If it still seems too scary, take some asprin and read it again when your fever comes down. As far as joining your little fight club, with my schedule as a Law Enforcement Officer i no longer can dedicate 75 hours a week like i used too. And a little advice. If you ever want to make a living fighting than i dont understand why your home on the net right now. If your not sleeping you should be trainning.

Why don’t you save yourself the drive, and talk to a local promoter. In fact I will find one for you if you “don’t have the time cause you work 75 hours a week”. Just tell them you are a boxer with no ground game, but that you can take anyone. I’m quite sure there will be a long list of fighters who will want to test your skill. Then maybe T-Mag can cover the fight, and some local T-Men can come watch the event (lat time I checked T-mag was not in the fight promotion business, and there are laws that need to be followed). I, like Geoff, will only fight professionally, for money. On that note, I am about a year away from entering the ring, so if you want to wait, I’ll be here in Portland.

ko, didn’t know you were going to make the jump. Good for you. I’m stepping up sometime in 2003 for my first pro fight - I was ready for February but it’s been cancelled and moved back a month or two. You’re with Randy C and co right?

BFA - I live in Toronto, Canada and train at Shah Franco’s martial arts. We have numerous mma champs as well as a plethora of fighters from tons of styles - boxing is well represented there and is a style I have a lot of respect for. In fact if it weren’t for boxers my # of sparring partners would be cut in half. If you know anything about the mma scene in Canada then you would know it’s pretty easy to find us (and me) and that we fight.

FYI. Fighting with gloves on is illegal if your not a sanctioned event - I assume you mean grappling gloves - anything bigger than 4 oz is for wimps:). Make no mistake, it is a fight - someone lays down a challenge it’s never about friendly sparring. If I mis-read I apologize - this is the way things work in the environment I’m in. As for making a living - hahaha! Won’t ever happen but fighting for no $$ is not smart - usually shows a promoter is not serious about the athletes and this means safety is compromised (i.e. no blood tests). I’ve been around the sport since it’s beginnings and almost no one makes a decent $$. Sure you can make up to $10,000 a fight (unless your Tito Ortiz then you hit 6 figures) but to make a living doing that 3x a year? I fight because I truly love it - my work has nothing to do with fighting.

I am training with Team Quest, home of Randy Couture and Matt Lindland . Getting some serious ground training now, in fact Randy even teaches a class now and then. The head instructor came over from Straight Blast, and is very good also.

I’m Glad to hear both of you are gonna be pursuing the sport further. Geoff, it’ll be years before i make it to canada.lol. And ko hopefully i’ll get to see ya knockin heads on the screen someday. Theres not hardly any boxing clubs around here anymore. I used to fight under Lamar Parks in South Carolina but as you may have heard his health has declined, since back when i got out of the game. But because of our conversation i was talking to some people from my old camp (in case i needed to get prepared in a hurry) and after looking back on how good i really was (sorry not bragging) I’ve decided im gonna look into goin out for the olympic team. If that is, theres enough time for me to get back in shape. Recken theres no harm in tellin ya im from North Carolina. I wish you guys the best of luck, and since i’ve spent over half my life doing this if i can ever help ya at all, just ask. If ya ever decide to box i can give ya some numbers of some promoters and trainers. Good luck Guys. Oh yeah, If im ever gonna be in yalls neck of the woods i’ll let ya know. “God let me win, but if i cant win,Let me be brave in my effort.” Just somthin we got hangin on the wall back at the department. Good Luck

Good luck in your olympic pursuit.

The Harbingers are a good choice bro, when you get them you’ll find a bar across the palm, remove it (its easy) that way you’ll have a glove suitable for grappling and striking. Good luck, outlaw.