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To Know Nothing is to Know Everything

Hello. I don’t know if this is the right place to introduce, but I will.

My name is Paulo. I am 18 years old, and have been lifting for 5 months actively.(btw. I am from Croatia) This seems a little time and it is. I have read a ton of bodybuilding book (read:book doesn’t give you experience) and physiology books. So I know all the energy systems, types of muscular tisue, periodization. I am a avid fan of Charles Poliquin and Pavel Tsatsouline Steve reeves.

I read a lot off stuff , some good, some worthless, and some downright crazy. I have been reading some really great articles on this site.

I think a main problem with people is that they close their mind to alternate training methods. So I would be most helpful if you had some comment or critique. And for pics I will post them when there is something worth posting. Don’t get me wrong I am not small by “normal” society standards but by my standards I am.

I am happy to be the part of this community… I seen a lot of great articles and great dialogs. Some people here (read:most) know what are they talking about.

My goals are perfect simetry , proportions, weight of 86 kg (190lbs) bf 15%.

Ok I hope this post was in the right place.

P.S - sorry for any grammar mistakes

Hi and welcome.

how tall are you??

oh and hi and welcome

Thanks for the welcome I am 180 cm or 5"11’.