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To Knee Sleeve or Not?!

What do you guys think about knee sleeves? I’ve typically strayed away from added support because I feel that it’s better to allow the body to adjust and adapt to the added poundages rather that give it artificial support. Lately i’ve been feeling strange knee things. Not really pain, just sensitivity, pops, crackles etc. I’m wondering if sleeve could help. Do Rehbands, Tommy Kono’s etc, give support or are they more about keeping everything warm?


slight support but mostly just keep your knees warm and moving right. try em out, you probably won’t want to train without them after.

I’m with Andy, I don’t feel a great deal of support from my knee sleeves, but they keep my knees nice and toasty and generally more comfortable. Don’t train without them now, though I don’t wear them for snatches, just clean and jerks and squats.

what brand do you guys use?

[quote]Bingbeast wrote:
what brand do you guys use?[/quote]

One alternative to shelling out 70 bucks+ for Rehbands is ace wraps-about $15 for a pair at the pharmacy, obviously ace wraps do not provide as much support as Rehbands but they can be wrapped fairly tightly and give some support and keep the knees warm.

Dont buy the Tommy Konos. They rip within a few months of heavy useage, ive had two different pairs do this, they rip just beside the seam. When i contacted the company they only warranty them for 30 days. Mine started ripping after about 2 months. Shell out the 90 bucks or whatever for the blue rehbands, Jackals gym has them and they are amazing.

Or get some knee tensor bandages and use those in a pinch. They work okay.

In June last year I decided I was going to max my front squat 7x a week, then down for 2x2. Bought some Rehbands to help my knees through this training. My knees still hurt when I was wearing them. I’m now training more than before, max back squat then more volume. Front squat upto heavy dubs, then down for volume. No knee sleves and they feel fine. Save yourself some money, I don’t think they’re needed.