to juice or not to juice?

scroll down to pic of greg jones
fsu running back— 6’1" 243
JUICE? NCAA/2002Preseason/floridastate.htm

I think a much bigger concern should be placed on avoiding the Oklahoma Sooners this coming year. I believe that will give them 8 National Titles!

I know this wasn’t the intended discussion of the thread, but do you honestly think the Sooners are something to fear this year? They aren’t even going to win the Big 12 South, let alone the whole conference. And you’re claiming a National Championship is on the way? Not a chance in hell. That’s about as likely as my Huskers winning it all this year.

Good lord that guy is not that big. get off of the steroid shit. some guys are just freaks. that guy is not that big. i could see if he started out at 135 but this guy was probably the biggest kid in kindergarten and every other grade in school. find something else to talk about.

I know that wasn’t the purpose of the thread. I just thought I stir things up a bit. :slight_smile:

Mrcold who is going to win the Big 12 South, Texas? Those sons of bitches aren’t going to win anyhting as long as Mack Brown is coach. OU’s defense will be better this year than it was last year. They will have three healthy QBs. The only reason they didn’t win it all last year is because they didn’t have a healthy QB. I know the season hasn’t started yet, but I was just hoping to start a college football discussion. What team/teams do you follow mrcold?

I work out at the fsu gym, and juicing is very rare in this university. In six years that I spent at fsu I only saw two guys who obviously juiced. Football players have their own gym, but sometimes some of them come to work out in the gym with other students and faculty, those guys that I saw didn’t look like they were on.

hate to break it to you all, but my buffs (CU) are going to repeat as big 12 champs. hey be proud for the sooners, theres a nice spot open in the bowl!

You idiots who talk shit about others & say everyone except your skinny self is on something have just run out of training ideas. What if this guy has been training with someone who knows their shit since age 12 or something. What if he was already 200 when he started lifting? Ever think of that? You dicks are just jealous & ignorant. It’s innocent until proven guilty & not the other way around goofballs.

Well, I watch as much college football as I possibly can, but the Huskers are my team(you fuck right off, JC#10). And yes, Texas is going to win the South. I’d love to say that CU isn’t going to win the north, but I will admit that I do have that fear this year. At least we get CU and Texas both at home, so we have the opportunity to pull the wins. I think it’s going to be a bad year for me, though…if you consider 3 to 4 wins a bad year.

Hey Scott, are you also at CU?

JC#10, your Buffs will get to deal with the Sooners this year. That game will speak for itself. CU will have enough trouble dealing with the Cornhuskers, much less OU.

mrcold, I wouldn’t be surprised Nebrasks wins the northern division. I don’t know how they did recruiting wise, but if they play most of their big games at home(as they did last year)they’ll probably do ok. As far as Texas goes, I just can’t see them going very far with Sims as quarterback. His performances his first two years(in big games) have been sub-par to say the least. Smack Brown, so far, has given me no reason to believe he can win a big game. Who knows, this year could be his breakout year. That remains to be seen. Damn, I wish it was August.

From everything I’ve read OU should be in the hunt for the title this coming year. Staying healthy will be their biggest enemy, as the injury bug killed them last year.

to the husker fans i have one thing to say: 62-36. also, who is scott? my name is jesse and yeah i go to CU

oh yeah to those sooner fans, nice game against osu last year!

He does have a mild touch of gyno. Although that doesnt prove anything.

Isn’t that the guy who was in Sports Illustrated a few weeks ago? It’s quite probable that he’s that big naturally, in fact there’s no proof otherwise. Isn’t it funny how SI questions any major league baseball player who gets big quickly but writes a glowing article about this guy?

Yeah, that was a bad, bad night. I’ll bet the pain of us losing that one game was almost as bad as the three previous years of you guys throwing the game away, huh? See ya in Lincoln.

CU fans, lets see your Buffs win about five more national titles before you trash a Sooner fan. :slight_smile:
Did you enjoy that Fresno State game?

Do you think he’s really 243? Considering bodyfat levels, he doesn’t really look 243. He’s built damn well for certain purposes, but I really don’t think he weighs that much. I would say at 6’1’’ he’d be in the 220-230 range. Plus the odds that his legs have a lot of size are low; that keeps the weight estimate down. Possibly his thighs, but most likely nothing in his calves.

I’m 5’9" and about 220 pounds at about 10-12% BF- And I don’t have access to top trainers, the best supplements, time for regimented programs and all of that other crap. And I will promise you I have never touched the juice. I’m sorry, but if I was at FSU, was on 'roids, and still looked like that, I’d pack up and head for Gainesville because aparently my trainers and coaches are morons.

ok if im remembering correctly, the buffs beat the huskers by a larger margin than the huskers beat powerhouses troy state and san jose state. but hey i’ll be rooting for the huskers when they open at home against northwest south dakota tech (or whoever).