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To John Roman

Hi guys. I just wanted to take a minute to thank John Roman who posts here. He works out at my gym and this past semester has helped me SO much its not even funny. He showed me this site and forum, which is awesome itself, but he takes time out from his workouts to answer all of my stupid questions. he set up a diet for me, showed me how to keep a food log, and showed me proper form on lifts I thought I was doing right for years! And he did all of this for free, even though he gets paid as a trainer at our gym. I’ve gained like 17 pounds this semester, yea some is fat but i’ll lose that later (I’m not afraid to lose my abs anymore) John even got my girl to try free weights!!! This guy is a true t-man, and he follows the oath on the sign up page to a “T” (pun intended). I hope I can help someone as much as he helps me, and i’m going to show all of my friends T-Mag so that they can learn too. You guys on the forum are all helpful from what i’ve read, and I’m learning more every day. John, thank you again SO much, and I’ll see you next semester!!

Micah, you’re right. John is awesome. Technically smart and helpful, both. I’ll see a thread that doesn’t particularly interest me, but scan to see who’s replied. I find myself reading some of those threads anyway just because John’s name is on the list.

He certainly is a knowledgeable guy. He has also shown tremendous patience with answering all of my dumb questions.

But most of all, he’s got one phat ass! I think that’s what we should all be thanking him for.

Good call! John is a stud and deserves the kudos. Keep up the good work bro!

Right on.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. When I post I always look for John’s answer. Know’s his stuff.

Until I meet him at the NYC T-Man gathering, I am sticking with MBE’s claim that he is a sock puppet.

Step off, bitches. John is MY man.

100% Bitch Daddy. Not bad for a sock puppet, eh?

Aw, shucks. Now you guys done gone and made me blush!

So, looks like I'm a sock-puppet stud with a phat ass. And they say Ben Afleck is the sexiest man alive--HA! Forget him, Jen, it's all me, baby. I'm callin you out, Afleck! One question for you: WHAT'S YOUR MAX BENCH!?

Hehe, okay all done. Thanks for the support, all, I really appreciate it.

And, Micah deserves all the credit all the credit for his gains; he's worked very had and learned quite a bit. Congratulations on all your gains, brother.

Hmmm…Could continue on with sock puppet schtick. No. Maybe force in another “I’d hit it.” Been done. Perhaps a “MAX BENCH!!!”. Not in the mood. I know! BIG HUG I believe that about does it.

MBE: “The alternative energy source you’ve been waiting for. Since 1762.”


Yea I forgot to mention he does have a pretty sweet ass