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To John Berardi: Omega 3 Conversion

John: I need a little help with the Biochemistry! If an oil blend (like Udo’s) states that it contains 6grams of Omega 3’s per tablespoon, is there a ROUGH estimate (in terms of mg/gram) on the amount of EPA and DHA that will result from the metabolic conversion of those Omega 3s? In other words: ROUGHLY how many milligrams of EPA and DHA will each gram of Omega 3’s yield in the body? (I would like to begin using an oil blend with the Caps as sort of “insurance”). As always…thanks!

I thought you had read my last appetite column and commented on it already. If not, I apologize and encourage you to check it out. It gives the number of about 30% for linolenic acid. So figure out how much linolenic acid is in your product, multiply by 0.30 and that’s the amt of EPA/DHA combined you MAY get assuming full digestion and absorption. However, you cant always assume full absorption and also different people convert differently so it could be more or less.

John i thought you said fish oils are 10x stronger, in the fat roundtable i think.

John: You have to admit; you convered a LOT of ground in that article last week. I was really focused on the “Don’t Diet” info and completely missed the conversion factor. It’s all good though! As always, thanks for the info!