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To Joel Marion

I see that your in the new MM issue with an ad for EcdyMax. Is this something you used? I am not familiar with your story and how you gained 22.5 lbs of muscle in 12 weeks. Did you use EAS supplements only? Or combination Biotest and EAS? or more Biotest and at least one EAS product? Did you use the BFL training program? By the way congratulations on making it into the pages of MM.

MuscleMag? or MuscleMedia?

First off, I’m just curious as to what month’s magazine this is, as I have a subscription and I don’t think I got the latest one. I saw someone else refer to an article that was in “the latest MM” on another thread, but I never saw the article. I havn’t seen the ad either, so that information would be appreciated.

Having said that, no, I did not use EcdyMax HP during my 12-week cycle. If you look closely at the add it probably says something akin to "the individuals pictured in this ad are not direct endorsers of this product." I did however use Methoxy Factor HP, which contains the active ingredient of EcdyMax HP (Beta-ecdysterone) with good results during the cutting portions of my cycle.

No, I did not use BIOTEST products during my cycle, as I wasn't even introduced to the BIOTEST line of supplements or T-mag until sometime after my transformation. Since then, however, I incorporate a great deal of BIOTEST products into the supplemental aspect of my program.

The a number of EAS products: CLA, MethoxyFactor HP, Myoplex, and Myoplex Lite. I used a few TwinLab and Metrx products also. Basically, most of the supplements I used was just liquid nutrition or some sort of bar.

Also, no, I did not use the Body-for-Life training program.

Finally, the diet I did use was the ABCDE diet with some personal modification.

I spoke a little about this on the Getting Ripped Support Group Part II thread in a response to Hyphnz. If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to do what I can to help.

-Joel Marion

Muscle Media.

That’s a good question Chris…I always thought Muscle Media when I saw MM…maybe that’s where I’m getting confused.

I seen the ad also. It’s got a picture of your transformation with a caption that says “Could this be you on ECDYMAX”.

I’m a little baffled to as to why I have not seen the latest MuscleMedia. My subscription is still good. Is it already in the bookstores?

Its in the new june issue page 87. It doesnt say that you used it though. Only asks if this could be you on EcdyMax.
I dont think its in stores yet. I live in NM and usually get them before most others do. We have a good distributor.

Joel, I think you did an outstanding job in your transformation. The info you have been providing on the forum has been very interesting and insightful. Greg, just where in NM do you live. I am also from NM< (northern NM)

Albuquerque. And yourself?

Raton, Last stop on I-25 before hitting Colorado