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To Joel Marion, Cheater's diet

I’m posting this because I think it would be lost in the other thread with all the pointless “prove it!” posts. I want to make sure I’m not bastardizing your program, so here is my approach. I’m gonna use it pretty much straight out the box (exactly how you have it). About 1500 calories a day. Only one cheat meal on cheat days, as I think I tend to over do it if I let myself go crazy. I liked the weight work out, so I was thinking of adopting it. The only think I will add is push ups and pull ups in the morning before I run (one set of near max). I also wanted to add one extra cardio after the weight work outs as I need to be ready for boot camp. If I need to include anything else or if I’m screwing too much with the program, any feedback would be appreciated.

Just bumping this up for Joel; very interested in his program. - John Roman

Sorry about the late response; actually had to go to work today :wink:

Bronx, the program looks good. The only thing that I would recommend is that you continue to refeed on carbs after the cheat meal for the next 3-5 hours; consuming about 50% of your maintenance intake with a macro breakdown of 75% carbs, 20% protein, and minimal fat. Low-fat pop tarts, pretzels, low fat grahm crackers, bagels, and cereal, as well as any other carb source with little or no fat are good choices. After doing some more research, it seems that a longer refeed is neccesary to get a substantial leptin response; plus, it's not likely that you'll store much fat because of low glycogen stores.

I don't see a problem with an extra cardio session, although the HIIT sessions will both increase your aerobic and anaerobic capacities, getting you in "bad ass shape" as Berardi says, for boot camp. Best of luck and please keep me informed on your progress.


Joel, nice job on the article and handling the detractors here on the forum. One thing I want to say just as a heads up though, is to monitor fructose intake during these refeeds. It does nothing for muscle glycogen synthesis, and it ends up being stored straight in the liver. In high amounts it also triggers lipogenesis not good at all , especially with the high kcal intake. One last thing is that namny fruits ahve a low GI,II…not optimal for insulin secretion/stimulation of Leptin…high fructose corn syrup holds no value whatsoever…just wanted to help…Mike

Thanks Mike. I actually covered this very topic in the Q and A section of the article; so we’re thinking along the same lines.

Thanks to John Roman for the bump. Thank you Joel for your response. I was a little worried that I’ve slacked off from running and decreased my distance, but tonight I ran about 2 1/2 miles, so I think I’ll see how it goes as written first. I’ll do the refeeds as prescribed and update you on my results. Now let me jump over to the body fat measuring article to give you hard numbers. Just one final Q. I’ve been doing low carbs/low calorie for the last three weeks. Should I do a bump to maintenance for a week or two before I start? Sorry for the questions. Thanks again for the input.

No, go ahead and jump right into it, no need to return to maintenance; it’ll just give leptin a boost. Frontload on the androgen the night before and the morning of and then continue taking it every evening (I’m assuming you’re using Mag10). Also, be sure to use skinfold calipers; BIA scale results will be highly inacurate do to glycogen, water, and electrolyte balance being thrown off by the cheats/refeeds.

The fructose issue was already addressed, it primarily goes to the liver. My question is about sucrose, I’ve heard that does the same? anyone?

Sucrose is comprised of glucose and fructose, so it poses a similar (albeit smaller) problem.

yes. I’m going to westerly’s this weekend (local supplement store that Monkeyboy eric put me on to) to pick it up. I just need a place to pick up the calipers. I’ll put up a post for finding a NYC store. I’ll start on Monday with taking all measurements (weight and bf%). I’ll give you an update on 11/2. I appreciate all the feedback.